Please tell me if you like these!Dont lie...<3:)Thanks so much for reading them:D


1. A Day At The Beach

Liam:Your holding his hand and walking down the shoreline of the beach.He stops you and tells you he loves you for the first time and kisses your cheek.You tell him you love him more and you kiss him back but on the lips.He holds you safe in his arms where you feel nothing but love.

Niall:He brings you to the beach and brings a picik basket and blaket and sets it out.You all have lunch together.After that you both swim for awhile.You come back to your stuff and fall aleep with his arms around you.

Louis:You run around like little kids shooting nerf guns.You make a sandcastle and you then steal Kevin so he chases you around till he gets him back.You give it back to him and kiss him on the nose.He picks you up wedding style and he slowely walkes to your stuff.You fall asleep.

Harry:He rents a boat for only you two and pretends hes the captain.You jump on his back and he carrys you to the side of the pool.He pushes you in and then jumps in.The boat stops so you all swim awhile.You finally get back on the boat and head back to the beach.He kisses your hand softely and walks you home.

Zayn:He gives you his headphones and plays your favorite song.You rock out as he laughs.He pulls you closer and sings along with it.You all get up and he walks you up to a rock sitting on the shoreline.He puts you on his lap and rubs circles on your back.He tells you he loves you and then leans over and kisses your forhead.

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