one terrible break up

when Sam finds out her bf harry did something wrong and they break up what will he and his band do to help him get back with her. will she forgive him?


2. naill<333333

If you couldent already tell niall is my BEST friend i love him to death. He acculy the reason i got with harry my EXboyfriend.But i cant be mad at niall for something harry did. The reason i hate harrys guts is because i was going to starbucks i see harry in a booth with a girl and there KISSING! what an ass whole. i mean am i wrong is there any excuse for that? idk well anyways i think me and nail are gonna go hang out now.

text from naill: you wanna hang out????

text to naill: will harry be there????

text from naill: no

text to naill: ok where????

text from nail: come over in a half an hour.

text to naill: kk

i get ready and in about 20 mins i drive over to naills as i ring the door bell i say wait dosent harry live with naill? oh shit i think to myself. the door opens and guess who it is? yes! its harry grrrrr:(

harry:oh hey sam

sam:hi... is niall there?

harry: yes but can we please talk?

sam: about what?

harry: come on what do you think?

sam: so now you think im stupid??

harry: what!?!? i never sayed that

i push past him and go up to naills room i knock on the door

niall: Come in

i open the door and walk in and sit on his bed

sam: You sayed harry wouldent be here

naill: Hes not here (he says pointing to the floor)

Sam: whatever hes an asswhole so what are you doing?

Niall: Will you just please talk to him?

Sam: Fine bring him in here.

naill gose to get harry. harry walks into the room

harry: can i please explain?


Harry: She kissed me

sam: it dosent matter!!! you still kissed and you never evan sayed sorry

Harry: because you know i am

Sam: i have forgave too manny asswholes like you and im not going to make that mistake again.

Harry: babe, i love you

sam: and i dont care

naill: Sam we all know you love harry too

Sam: It dosent matter you screwed up and now your paying for it

there is another thing about the band you should know. Me and louis absolutly HATE each other. we where great friends until all of a sudden he liked me but i dident like him and all this drama started and now we hate each other he always says mean things to me and it pisses me off. and zayn and liam are pretty cool where pretty good friends.the band then comes over and of course louis is a jerk

louis: is your whore here harry or did you dumb her yet?

Niall:shut up louis shes right there and she broke up with him.

liam:omg sam! what happend

louis: ill tell you what happend shes a fucking slut and has to move from one guy to another.

Sam: He cheated on me

Zayn: harry!

harry stays quite louis is getting pretty mad.

Louis: oh sam you little whore

Sam: louis just cuz you dont have a gf and never will dosent mean i am a whore for haveing bf

Louis: You are such a bitch! then he flips me off

we all laugh at him for being such an idiot

harry takes me up stairs to talk

harry: sam i made a mistake please forgive me your all i want, all i need

sam: Harry i gave you every thing i thought you where the perfect guy i had sex with you gave you preasents and you let me down i dont think i can forgive you

he grabs my arms really tite i push him away telling him not to touch me. he grabs me again and kisses me i push him away and kick him in the balls really hard he falls on the floor in pain i laugh and go down stairs. i grab my bag and start to leave

Naill: Sam! where are you going? what did harry say?

Sam: im going home

Louis bye whore

Sam: Just leave me alone

i run out the door ready to cry, liam jumps into my car before i drive away

Liam:please tell me what happend

Sam:he kissed me


Sam:i just wanna go home

he gets out and i go home i cry my eyes out. i have no idea what todo now should i forgive him? should i talk to him? im so confused but all a need is rest right now and i cant believe what just happend.


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