one terrible break up

when Sam finds out her bf harry did something wrong and they break up what will he and his band do to help him get back with her. will she forgive him?


3. i need some help

i wake up to my phone singing "thats what makes you beautiful, baby you light up my world like nobody else." i pick it up not evan seeing who its from.

"hello?" i say half asleep

Harry: "sam! im sorry did i wake you?"

Sam: "what do you want?"

Harry: "we need to talk."

Sam: "we already did."

Harry: "please."

Sam: "whatever."

Harry: "meet me at starrbucks? 1:00"

Sam: "i want naill there."

Harry: "fine."

i take a shower trying to make myself look half way desent. but i have to say i look pretty good conserdering ive been crying for 5 hours straight and a complete mess. i get in my car and drive to starbuks i walk in and see naill and harry at a table. i take a deep breathe and go over. i give naill a hug and sit down.

Harry: "look sam i know i made a mistake but you know that i love you more than anything."

Sam: "If you did love me more than anything you would you have kissed her."

Naill: "sam you know he dose."

i roll my eyes at niall and wait for harry to talk.

harry: "I swear sam i would never do anything to hurt you."

Sam: "well you did."

Naill: "Harry why dont you tell us what happend."

Harry: "ok, she was a music producer-

i cut him off "pshhhhh sure."

Harry: "i swear she was, anyways she heard me singing one day and wanted to talk about a music production. i mean how could i say no?

Sam: "oh i dont know maby, NO

naill: "sam dont be a smartass."

Sam: "well finish the story."

harry: "she said to meet heer so i said ok. she was kinda flirting with me then i backed off and was talking about you. she saw you walk in and grabbed me and kissed me."

Naill: "do you swear thats what happend."

Sam: "how do i know if your lyeing or not?

Harry: "i swear, trust me."

Sam: "how can i trust you?"

Harry: "Sam if i dident really love you would i be hear right now beging for your forgivness? no."

Naill: "he has a point."

Sam: "ill think about it i have to go."

i  hug naill and say bye and i leave. now he wants my forgivness? what do i say to that? i have know idea what to do right now im so confused. what if i do forgive him and he hurts me again? what if i dont forgive him and he really is sorry? god, i need a drink. OMG thats it! if i get harry drunk somewhat he'll let out his realy feeling right? i mean dont you say whats on your mind that you wouldent tell people when your drunk? its worth a shot. ill have to get niall in on it then.

text to niall: hay i have a great idea!

text from niall: what?

text to nial: all we need to do is get harry drunk and he will tell us what really happend!

text from naill: sam thats a really bad idea and i dont wanna be involved.

text to niall: your such a pussy

text from niall: go ask liam or zayn.

well niall will defently not do it hes like the good boy in the group. everybody can trust niall which is a good thing but not right now. but im better friends with liam so ill try him but zayn is the bad boy sooo ummm.

text to zayn: hey i need your help.

text from zayn: sure, whats up?

text to zayn: i need you to help me get harry wasted.

text from zayn: sure, tonight?

text to zayn: yes!!! see you at harrys!

thats why i love zayn hes the cool one. he dosent ask questions and he just gose with it. well right now im going to buy a ton of achahol and hopefully this will work. i get home and get everything ready a little later i head over to harrrys. zayn opens the door we hug and we bring in all the achahol. then niall comes in...

Nail: "what are you guys doing?!?"

Sam: "dont worry."

Naill: "i have to worry becuase if i dont something will happen

Zayn: "chill you balls bro."

naill leaves and harry come home i hide while zayn gives him the first few beers then i come to help hes kinda drunk so is a little confused.

Harry: "sam when did you get here?"

soon he get pretty wasted now its time to ask the questions.

Sam: "did that girl at starbuks accually kiss you?"

harry: "why do you have a penis?"

Sam: "harry focus anwser my questions."

Harry: "yes." he says anoied

Sam: "do you love me?"

Harry: "more than anything."

i look at zayn i guess hes telling the truth right i mean when your drunk you do that right? i dont know maby im just makeing up a reason to forgive him. oh god why dose this have to be so hard? maby what he is saying is true maby he dose love me but the problem is, is that i will never know.


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