one terrible break up

when Sam finds out her bf harry did something wrong and they break up what will he and his band do to help him get back with her. will she forgive him?


1. The break up

I run into the house and slam the door and lean against it. My eyes start to water and i slid down to the floor and cry. i hear my mom walk into the room

"oh sam whats wrong?" i dont anwser and i just sit there

"ok ill make you some tea."

i say quetly "He cheated on me."

"What? oh no baby im so sorry." i run up to my room and slam the door. I look at my phone as hes calling me i ignore. i say to my self just leave me alone. I hear a knock on my door a asume its my mom so i say "come in." the door opens and its harry.

"Sam please let me explain."

"get the hell out of my room you jerk theres nothing to explain you cheated on me." i say still crying. He trys to hug me but i push him away

"Please sam just let me say one thing."

"fine ONE thing."

"i made a mistake but sam, i love you." i wipe my eyes and look at him.

"just go you asswhole."

he leaves and i lay in bed crying my eyes out. he was the sweatest more perfect guy i ever meet and he broke my heart i cant believe this im so mad. The worst part is i see him in school everysingle day and his stupid boy band. i evan lost my virginity to him and now i wish i could take it back but i cant. my mom comes back in

"Hi sweatie how are you doing?"

"ok i guess just dont let him in again i never want to see him again."

"ok would you like anything?"

"ice cream."

i mean isen't that what every girl dose when a boy hurts them? they eat ice cream right? well i am anyway im just gonna stuff it in my face maby that will help. harry texts me throughout the whole night i dont anwser but he seems really sorry but i cant fall for it like a always do. pretty much every guy i have gone out with broke my heart and i forgave all of them and they just did it again. Im a sucker for love. But this is different i really liked harry more like loved and he loved me to how could he do this? This has been the worst day ever and i have school tommorrow which means i have to see him which really sucks.

texted from naill: Sam im sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sorry but you should really let harry explain.

text to naill: why should i? i saw it with my own eye he was kissing another girl.

text from naill: It wouldent hurt you know he loves you and you love him to maby theres an explanation

text to naill: ill think about it

i finished litterally a whole bucket of ice cream now im gonna go to sleep and cry in my dreams. this has been the worst day of my life.

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