Colorful Socks

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  • Published: 30 Nov 2012
  • Updated: 14 Jan 2014
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Have you ever thought something was lucky?Well i found something thats lucky.Well my parents bought me them but it truely is lucky.They bought them for me when i was about to die the first time,because i have cancer and all.Of course im okay right now atleast.I hope i dont have that feeling anymore. 6:59 Scares me half to death now.Im weaing my sock all day now.My Colorful Ones.


10. Worse Situations

                                                Luci's P.O.V

I had a appointment this morning with the hospital.  I wasn't really scared or nervous about what would happen. I think that I've had worse news. Normally girls my age would be afraid of hospitals, I wasn't. It was like a was growing up in them, and I just visited. I knew most of the doctors that have every talked with me or something. Which has been quite a few actually.


"Are you okay mom?" I asked her.


She seemed more shaky today then normal. She usually was trying to "cheer" me up. Even if I didn't need it. I never needed it anymore. Okay, she's scaring me now. Her hands shaking and her grip to my fathers hand became tighter. He was not as cheerful today then normal ether. Well, who could be cheerful if your daughter has cancer and is going to a regular check up at the hospital?


We entered the room that belonged only for me. My decorations were the same from the last time I was here. Which wasn't that long ago. Soon after the awkward silence of my parents and I, Willow, a doctor, walked in. He was my normal doctor.


"Hello Luci. How are you feeling today?" He asked me.


"Feeling pretty good. I guess I could say I'm a little sore in certain places, but other then that i'm good!" I exclaimed. My mom shook her head with sadness and tried to stop herself from burying her face in her hands. She did it anyway. My dad held onto her and she held my hand tightly.


"I can explain that," Willow started with a fading fake smile.



"Go on," I smiled awkwardly.


"Well. Your cancer has started to spread whitch may send a few sores," He stopped to glance at me. I shook my head in a slight motion. Heard this before tons of times.


"It's trying to get to your heart," He stopped again to look at my shocked face.


Okay now this was different. This would be that I could possibly die right this moment, or maybe almost die, AGAIN.


"There's nothing we really do to stop it," He kept stopping. Which made me a little aggravated.


"Just say it!" I exclaimed.


"You won't live for more then or less then a week," He hushed his voice.


I shut my eyes tightly, replaying his last few words. Over, and over again. Actually DIEING. Not just a almost die, but a real death. My parents were now all in tears. I remembered the last time that I was about to die, and that wasn't even that long ago.


                                                           Ann's P.O.V

I got a call from Luci around 2 p.m. Her voice was in the quietest and most uncertain voice, EVER. The little cries I could hear meant that something bad occurred. Something, bad.


"I have more or less then a week Ann. Which means we have to do EVERYTHING on our bucket lists together. Everything!"


"What do you mean by a week?" I asked her.


"Till I'm gone, forever. Dead."


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