Colorful Socks

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  • Published: 30 Nov 2012
  • Updated: 14 Jan 2014
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Have you ever thought something was lucky?Well i found something thats lucky.Well my parents bought me them but it truely is lucky.They bought them for me when i was about to die the first time,because i have cancer and all.Of course im okay right now atleast.I hope i dont have that feeling anymore. 6:59 Scares me half to death now.Im weaing my sock all day now.My Colorful Ones.


12. Skipping School

                                                    Luci's P.O.V

I tell my parents that I want to walk to school today, but really I'm meeting Ann at Waffle House. I take a left turn and I see Waffle House. I see Ann inside of the window seal. I reach the door and open it, and step around all the chairs to where she sits. I sit opposite of her.

"This is crazy!" She tells me.

"I know, but this will be fun! We should go to the arcade," I tell her.

"Uh. Okay," She laughs.

We eat our breakfast without getting questioned about skipping school. We pay, and start our walk to the arcade. We talk about random stuff, and then we get there. I open the door for her first, and she bows like in the olden days before walking in. I walk in behind her. The loudness of the teenagers is obnoxious, but what can I expect? A lot of teenagers skip school to come here. There's no doubt in that. We walk over to one of my favorite games. We play for quite along time, and change games every so often. Talking and chatting away too.

"Hey," someone behind us kind of questions, like they are confused.

I swirl around, and there is a girl from our school. A 'popular' girl. Amanda.

"Hi," I say.

"I didn't know the you all skipped school? You all must actually be cool," She tells us.

"Uh yeah," Ann says.

"We should hang out sometime then. Maybe next week. I have plans pretty much all week," She tells us.

"I can't," I quickly say.

"Why?" She questions.

"Unknown reasons," I tell her.

"Okay," She rolls her eyes and walks away.

"And I thought you all were cool," She whispers, but we can hear her.

"That was weird," I tell Ann.

"Just a little bit," She agrees.

We go back to our gaming a few moments later like nothing had happened.

Ring. Ring. Ring.

I take my phone out from my pocket, it's my mom. I answer it, since we are allowed to have phones in class she won't recognize anything.

"Hello?" I whisper.

"Why are you not at school," She asks with fury.

"I am?" I lie.

"School called and asked why you weren't there. You said you were walking today. Where are you?" She asks.


"No where," I lie again.

"Come home now."

"Uh. Okay," I tell her. I hang up.

"Who was that?" Ann asks.

"My mom. I have to go back home, sorry."

"It's fine. Now let's go."

Well that failed.

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