Colorful Socks

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  • Published: 30 Nov 2012
  • Updated: 14 Jan 2014
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Have you ever thought something was lucky?Well i found something thats lucky.Well my parents bought me them but it truely is lucky.They bought them for me when i was about to die the first time,because i have cancer and all.Of course im okay right now atleast.I hope i dont have that feeling anymore. 6:59 Scares me half to death now.Im weaing my sock all day now.My Colorful Ones.


4. Our Spot Stays

                                                         Luci's P.O.V

Maybe I was wrong about him liking me again. Even though it was really hard to beileve that he truely did. I mean really who takes an ex to a place that they once called "theirs" if they didn't like the person. Maybe I am just wrong about it all. He could have brought me here because he knew I loved this place no matter who it belonged to.

"Really?" I asked happily.

"Well, I knew you liked it here, and plus you haven't been here since," he started.

"Since, 8th grade," I contiuned for him.

"Ya, I remeber those good days," he smiled as he walked up toward the spot we had always sat. Which was under the redish,orangish tree. I always thought it was so beautiful back in the day. I had always wanted to be here right in this spot when things went wrong.

I patted down at the grass, and said a little pray to God.

"Thank you ,"Is all I said, before I sat down where I had patted.

"Nice,and peaceful still," I excited smiled.

"Yup," he replied.

I still don't understand why he brought me here.

"It's even beautiful then i've seen," I added.

"Just like you," he murmered to himself, but I could hear him.He was never a good whisperer.

I smiled to myself.

"Remeber,when you got down on your knee, and I thought you were going to ask me to marry you? In the 8th grade," I laughed as I started the memory game thing.

"Of course. I just asked you to go to the dance with me," he added.

"That was such a pretty dance! I couldn't even believe my eyes when we had gotton there," I smiled and contiuned ,"I loved what happened at the end the most tho."

"When we kissed?" he stated firmily.

"When "WE" kissed," I said making the "WE" in a more higher voice then the rest.

"Yea. After "WE" slow danced to the song "WE" called ours," he smiled as he copied me.

We,sounded so much better then Thomas and Luci. It was "WE" or "US."

"Don't you remeber when your ex, James ,came over and tried getting you back. I was like not happening she's mine," he said again.

"Yes. I tried to tell him to go away, but he just wouldn't," I groaned annoyed at the fact.

"Also I still can't believe in 6th and 7th grade I only liked your best friends. That was a little messed up, but after you had told me what you wrote down on tat note. I fell for you and didn't let anyone stand in the way," he said glancing farther down the valley.

"And I still think im falling," he added looking farther down the valley.

He slipped his hand into mine and intwined our fingers. I still loved him of course, and I still felt the same way as before. It seemed all good to be true though. I didn't really expect him to still like me or even love me.

"I love you," Thomas said. He had always been able to read my mind.

"I love you," I copied.

"This is unbelievable Luci."

"Mhh hows that?" I questioned.

"I never thought you would take me back for what I did to you," he added.

"Well.You're wrong," I smiled.

"Im glad," he laughed as he squeezed my hand tighter.

He looked me in the eyes and starting to read what I was thinking like he used to. I starting to learn how to read him, but he was harder to read then thought.

"You really are forgving me?" he questioned puzled as he let go off my hand.

Of course I was forgiving him. I wish he hadn't let go of my hand.

"Yes," I awnsered as I pulled his hand back into mine.

He smiled, and got up. He pulled my body up from the ground and threw me onto his lap. More like a gentle throw.

"What are you doing? I'll kill you," I half smiled.

"You weight nothing!" he laughed and pulled me close to him.

"Listen," he started whispering in my ear softly," I wan't you to know your perfect,and beautiful. Just for me, and i've loved you ever since," he contuined.

I looked him into his beautiful eyes, and kissed his cheek as he did the same to me.

I whispered back,"If you love me,"I started,"Don't leave me," I stated.

"Never again. Already made that mistake," he brought up.

"But how can you love a girl that has no hair?and out of every other girl you pick me," I asked.

"Because like I said. Your perfect to me. I love with my heart,Not my eyes,"He smiled and pulled away.

He is such a sweet guy, and he's perfect for me. Well that's what I think anyways.

We got up, and walked back to his car. I looked back remebering all the speical events that had happened there. I added the one we just had and smiled to myself. This is a speical place. It always makes me feel better. I seriously do love Thomas, and he loves me.Perfect.

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