Colorful Socks

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  • Published: 30 Nov 2012
  • Updated: 14 Jan 2014
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Have you ever thought something was lucky?Well i found something thats lucky.Well my parents bought me them but it truely is lucky.They bought them for me when i was about to die the first time,because i have cancer and all.Of course im okay right now atleast.I hope i dont have that feeling anymore. 6:59 Scares me half to death now.Im weaing my sock all day now.My Colorful Ones.


7. Ciera

                                                                Thomas's P.O.V

I watched Luci eat her bacon, toast, and biscuits. She seemed to really enjoy it. I probably should get going though. I have plans today with Ciera.

"I better get going. I have plans today with some of my friends. Could you watch the boys for me," I asked her.

"Alright. Sure, Love you" She grinned after wiping away the food on her face.

"Thanks. Love you too," I replied.

"Not," I whispered under my breath, to where she couldn't hear me.

I walked into the living, and approached the front door. I opened it and walked outside, pulling the door be hide me. I jumped into my car and drove to my girlfriends house, Ciera. It's kind of funny that Ciera doesn't know that I'm cheating on her with Luci. I mean I was with Ciera before I was with Luci, and I'd defiantly pick Ciera over anyone, still. I got out of my car and walked up to Ciera's house.

I knocked on the door, and her beautiful blue eyes glimmered as she saw me.

"Hey Beautiful," I smiled as I kissed her.

"Hey hun. We should go back to the beach soon. Maybe we will even seen Jaeklynn again. I really hope she's doing okay. Let's hope she's not still in that cave," Ciera commented with a small giggle.

"Yeah. We should go tommow?" I asked.

"Uhm sure. Are you ready to go to the movies?" She asked me.

"Just let me change clothes."

I went through the hallway and into Ciera's room. Which consisted of blue and green walls, with a poka-doted  trim between the colors, it combined the two colors. It also consisted of a bunk bed, computer desk, two beanbag seats, A vanity, and a few dressers. I had shoved all of my stuff, clothes and what not, into a small draw that she never used. I had been living here for maybe a week or so, since her parents didn't really mind me.


I got a nice red shirt out, which matched Ciera's color on her shirt. I also grabbed a pair of slightly dark brown shorts out from the other side of the draw. I changed quickly, and put on some white and red tennis-shoes. I played around with my hair to mess it up just a little bit before I walked out of the room and back to where Ciera was.


"Let's go," I told her as I grabbed the car keys.

She followed me as I went towards the car. She jumped into the passengers seat as I slid into the drivers seat.

This outta be a great movie. I've always wanted to see it since I've seen the first comical on t.v. We were going to see Dark Skies. Which is probably going to scare Ciera out of her seat a lot, but that's also a good thing for me. I can hold her still and comfort her. It'll be great.


                                                            Luci's P.O.V

As I finished up washing the dishes from my breakfast, I walked upstairs to check on the boys. The boys, referring to Jaylen and Arron. Both of them were sound asleep. They looked so peaceful. I've always loved little kids. Especially little boys. It's weird how almost every girl wants to have a girl, but then there's me wanting a boy instead. It's okay though. It's good to stand out.


Maybe me and Ann should hang out or something. Knowing her, she is probably still worried about me. I should probably call her or something. Yeah, maybe we could go to the movies or something.


I grabbed my phone and dialed her number. It started ringing until she awnsered with a odd tone. One that I didn't know. One that was new.


"He asked me out!" She screamed with that tone.


Oh, that explains it. She's never had a boyfriend before so she would answer with a different tone in her voice.


"Brent?" I asked her.


"Yes! Omg we need to hang out like right now," She screamed happily into the phone.


"Okay, okay," I laughed.


"Come over here?" She asked.


"Sure. I'll be there soon."




 I quickly changed into an outfit that I liked very much. I also fixed my hair quickly. I grabbed my shoes and ran out the door. I walked over to Ann's house, since she lived around the block from my house. Plus, I needed the exercise. I pretty much ran there in the matter of minutes. I knocked on her doorway, since her doorbell broke when some teenager decided to crush it and run away.


"Coming," She said as her voice became closer.

She opened the door with a huge smile on her face. She looked amazing! She normally never dressed up, but I guess since Brent asked her out she's been worried about her older looks. Don't ask how I know that.


"Ann!" I smiled back at her as I gave her a hug.

She led me inside her medium sized house, which looked almost indicial to mine. Except that they had a basement, and a bigger backyard.


"Upstairs girl! You have to know the entire story."


As told, I walked upstairs into her beautiful purplish splattered walls. She followed shortly be hind.


I sat down on the floor in a comfortable position as she started her story. This was going to be a very long and descriptive story already.

"So at the very beginning of my wonderful surprised day, at 7:43 to be exact, I woke up," She started.


Told you.






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