Colorful Socks

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  • Published: 30 Nov 2012
  • Updated: 14 Jan 2014
  • Status: Complete
Have you ever thought something was lucky?Well i found something thats lucky.Well my parents bought me them but it truely is lucky.They bought them for me when i was about to die the first time,because i have cancer and all.Of course im okay right now atleast.I hope i dont have that feeling anymore. 6:59 Scares me half to death now.Im weaing my sock all day now.My Colorful Ones.


17. Author's Note:

Holy crap I realize I kill so many people in my books:/ I sorry. I will make a happy ending soon! It'll be REALLY happy, I promise. I just didn't want to change my plans from the beginning, and so I didn't. I'm really appreciative of those who enjoyed reading this book and left comments/feedback! I know you all probably hate me because of the dumb sad endings, Idk why I like writing about them, and how they are so easy for me to think up or write about. THERE will not be a second book to this one, sorry if you even wanted one..... I doubt it

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