Give your heart a break

Kate and Niall have been separatted for almost two years will that ruin the relationship between them???


12. My life...

Nialls P.O.V

After a long flight here we finally made it! we fell asleep in our room... Kate thinks its just a rental house but actually the boys and the girls and us are moving in here to start a new begining I turned over to see if she was  awake, i watched her sleep she was so beautiful i tried to ignore the bed head but i couldnt i tried to fix it by putting my hand on her head... she smiled because she knew it was me and so she opened her eyes and stared right into mine... her blue eyes lit up with joy as we kissed i let her fall back asleep and i got up and kissed her on her head and got up to make breakfast.. i opened the fridge andit was full with food... i grabbed   some bacon and eggs i made her some bacon eggs and toast with jam on itjust how she likes it.. she was still sleeping when i took her breakfast in i set it on the end of the bed and kissed her neck and whispered in her ear... "babe breakfast isready dont worry you dont have to get up its right here" she sat up and stretched and smiled"thanks babe " i turned on the news for her and she saw a familiar  face... it was lou and el they were on a walk and lou had heard a papz member say Lou  she is ugly why are you with her? She is fucking ugly! You could do better.... Lou had made el sit down on a bench while he approached the pap and Yelled in his face" SHE IS NOT FUCKING UGLY... THE REASON I AM WITH HER IS BECAUSE I LOVE HER AND NO I DONT THINK THERE IS ANYONE BETTER THAN ELEANOR NOW FUCK OFF" and lou had pushed him and grabbed el and left in the mercedes .... "niall call louis and tell him he is kind for doing that...." 


kates p.o.v 

i had heard niall talking to louis out in the hall way.. i decided that since we were on a honey moon that we should act like a married couple and you know.... do it ... again... i got undressed and put the food on the ground and covered myself with a sheet showing one leg and one arm....  he walked in on the phone and dropped his mouth  i gave him a smile and stared at him slowly removing the sheet he said "hey lou i got to go kate needs me" he hung up the phone and got on the bed on top of me kissing me on my neck and i removed the sheets and he continued going lower...he then spread my legs and you know what happens a small moan escaped my lips and i knew now this love is forever

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