Give your heart a break

Kate and Niall have been separatted for almost two years will that ruin the relationship between them???


14. My Dream

kates p.o.v

there he was... this handsome guy laying on top of me in a hotel room he had brown eyes and brown hair.. he was gorgeous i felt nothing but love when he looked in to my eyes and whispered"i love you kate" i let out a quick moan and said "i love you too kyle" right then it all went black .... i woke up crying i looked at the person next to me and it was niall.. i started crying even more who was kyle? i finally walked downstairs andsat on the couch.. all i had on were a white tank top that fitted my body perfect and then some of nialls sweat pants i checked my phone for the time and i got a text.. it was an un known number i read the text and it said "hey babe its kyle when can we meet again?" i was in shock i finally  texted back "ok im really sorry but how do i know you " about a minute later he texted back "we met at a bar then went back to my hotel room and made love to eachother sadly i had to leave early so i left you a note and you were gone when i came back " "oh ok.... " "text me soon babe i miss you " i started to think... "hey when did we have sex? " i texted him... "on august 3rd 2012" i started crying it had been a month since i started getting morning sick ness.... oh shit! i think they arnt nialls kids... i googled when the morning sickness signs start to show up and it said at least a month... shit "kyle i think i had your kids..." "What?Shit" "i know shit ... for the longest times i thought they were my husbands kids..." "wait your husband?" "yeah i married a famous person.. Niall Horan from the band one direction.." "oh can you get the dna tested?" "yeah im going to have to now..." 


Nialls P.o.v

i woke up to the sun shining in my eyes. i turned over to see if kate was there she wasnt. i  got up and went down stairs looking for her... she was sitting on the couch crying... i ran up to her and sat down next to her and held her... i held her with both hands and said" babe whats wrong?" "I-" "i-i" "i dont think they are yours" "who?" "the " "the kids" "what ?" she looked at me and cried "why ? how can they ? unless? you ? cheated?

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