Give your heart a break

Kate and Niall have been separatted for almost two years will that ruin the relationship between them???


7. I think we should....

Nialls P.O.V

i love kate, she will always be mine in fact... i should actually have a wedding. A proper wedding she never got one , " Kate...." "yeah hun?" she was in the kitchen making dinner " dont you think we should have a proper wedding..." "so this is how your asking me to re marry you?" "well.... yeah " "of course,i love you too much... we needto plan im gonna need money to buy a dress..." "calm down kate...." "ok sorry " she started to walk away "kate.... we should go buy a house together.... just you me and the kids..." "ok do you want to ask justin if any houses near him are for sale?" "you know me too well...."

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