Give your heart a break

Kate and Niall have been separatted for almost two years will that ruin the relationship between them???


11. Honey Moon....

Kates P.O.V

we were finally married... as we got into the car to leave lilly came up to me crying "Momma i dont want you to go " "lilly you will be fine...  im leaving you with your uncles and aunts..." "but mom?" "what baby girl?" "i am going to miss you !!!" "sweetie im going to miss you more.. we will skype in a couple days ok?" "ok i love you mom" "i love you too now tell your brother i will miss him and i love him.." "ok " i gave her a hug and a kiss...


we arived where the private jet was... we got on it and flew to our honey moon destination... i had no idea where we were going "babe where are we going?" "ok i will tell you this its very warm and its out of the states!" "babe are you taking me to hawaii " "how did you know?" "liam texted me saying have fun i hawaii!!!" we started laughing and then stopped with a passionate kiss that was very long.." mrs horan its great to know i can call you that!" "well husband its great to call you that !" we ended up sleeping until we felt the plane drop to the ground.."Mr and Mrs Horan welcome to hawaii"


*Authors Note*

hey guys taeg1234 here!! i am soo sorry i havent updated it! i have had huge writers block! how do you like it so far? I PROMISE THERE WILL BE MORE DRMA


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