Give your heart a break

Kate and Niall have been separatted for almost two years will that ruin the relationship between them???


9. Dress...

So i tried on many dresses... and i think i found it a ballroom dress with a tight courset like thing whatever you call it.... then it has a poofy bottom with gems on the corset all over so its silver with white bottom i had the assistant come in to tie it... i looked pretty... "m'am do you have a veil that would match?" "yeah i do let me go get it..." she ran off to get it... "kate its me phil can i come see it i have your veil..." "yeah phil dont show the girls" "ok sweetie!!" he came in with a huge grin on his face!"so what do you think?" "its amazing you should get this one...." "yeah i know im going to..." "oh here is your veil and i brought some shoes for you too " they were silver shoes and the veil was all diamonds! "phil thanks i want you to come to my wedding" "really?" "yeah and bring joe with you i want to meet him" "ok i will go !" i hugged him then i got changed no one is going to see this dress but him...

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