Give your heart a break

Kate and Niall have been separatted for almost two years will that ruin the relationship between them???



Nialls P.o.V

Another boring day in the one direction house.... we only have two girls it used to be 5 but no she hadto leave mei walked downstairs there were happy birthday bannersand theboys and valarie and  celeste they were all standing in a grioup there was some one behind them they moved aside and i saw it was kate.... with the kids was she really here? or was it just a dream..... "hey niall" "kate what are you doing here?" "i came to talk" ok "lets go talk up stairs follow me " i led her upstairs "so how have you been " i asked her trying to startaconversation "niall just stop i know you were depressed with me leaving i was too and liam tolld m-" "when did you talk to liam?" "um you know when he left for florida? yeah he stopped by to visit and then we talked and yeah i ended up here telling you my feelings and now i just feel stupid i even came here in the first pla-" i was silenced by a warm kiss i haventfeltin a couple months "i lpove you i promise i will never do that again" "ok as longas you love me we can be back together..."

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