Everything happens for a reason.

20 year old Faith who's boyfriend and brother can never seem to get along finds herself in a situation that puts her life at risk. She must chose between her brother, or her beloved boyfriend when she realizes Lou doesnt like her anymore and starts to fall for Zayn, but shes dating Louis and it wouldnt be right or would it?


20. we have to tell him

Louis came back in and he had tears in his eyes. I looked at him and he grabbed my hand and pulled me upstairs with him. "Im so so so so sorry!" Louis said while hugging me, I felt tears roll down my face and I hugged him back. "I forgive you. Does this mean were dating again?" I said while looking up at Lou he smiled a bright, beautiful smile and nodded. He smashed his lips up against mine and he picked me up and I wrapped my legs around his waist. "Close the door love birds!" Harry shouted and we did as he said and shut it and we didnt even break our kiss. Then we heard a knock at the door and heard my brothers voice. We instantly stopped and looked at each other. "He..... He doesn know about that does he?" Louis said while pointing to my stomach. "No he doesnt but I dont want you to get hurt maybe you should stay up here." I said while Lou set me down gently. "No no I am going to be there. I will always be there for you no matter what babe." Louis said while smiling I smiled and kissed him once more before I took a breath and opened the door.

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