Everything happens for a reason.

20 year old Faith who's boyfriend and brother can never seem to get along finds herself in a situation that puts her life at risk. She must chose between her brother, or her beloved boyfriend when she realizes Lou doesnt like her anymore and starts to fall for Zayn, but shes dating Louis and it wouldnt be right or would it?


4. The date

I got home and ran up and turned on my straightener. Then I washed my face and did my makeup. I looked in the mirror. "Perfect!" I said then I heard my phone beep. "Be there in thirty minutes babe(:xx" great he will be here in thirty! "Mmmk hottie(-;XX" I pressed the send button and then started my hair. I straightened it in less than twenty minutes. Now I had to get dressed I ran and grabbed my dress and I just grabbed my white Vans...I know,I know. I put my dress on and put my Vans on. I went to the mirror and fixed up my hair and makeup, and then I heard my doorbell ring. I smiled and ran to the door, I opened it to a whole different Louis then I have ever seen. "Hey! You look handsome.." I said Louis just looked at me. "I love your dress! You look breathtaking in it.." Lou said while he grabbed my hand. I slid into the passenger seat of his porshe. It was nice in here! Not too dirty at all.. Lou slid in the front seat, looked at me and smiled. "Where do you want to go lovely?" He asked in a velevety voice. I blushed deeply, it was weird because I have known Lou for so long but this is the first time I have ever felt attracted to him this much.. "Ummm how bout your place, a film?" I said fixing my hair. "Sure! That sounds great."  I looked out the window and then heard the radio come on. "Your insecure..Dont know what for." The familiar tune came on and I instantly looked at Lou who had a smile on his face. "You dont know your beautiful!" We shouted together we laughed. "You have a great voice Lou." I said looking at Lou who was blushing. "You made me blush.." Lou said giving me a slight crooked smile. I giggled, I looked at Lou until he looked at me and I looked down and blushed, again. "I still cant beleive im on a date with you, your smart,funny,beautiful..." I trailed off. "Your the perfect one here, your gorgeous as hell, funny , your giggle is adorable and-" "Stop sign Lou!" I shouted Louis slammed on the breaks and we heard honking cars behind us. "Fuck.."  Louis said while shaking his head. I looked at him and started laughing uncontrollably. "You must think im a terrible driver..!" Louis said giggling abit. "No I dont! Your a great driver.!" I said as we pulled into a driveway of a nice little apartment. When he turned the key and the car was off I jumped out and Lou came over and grabbed my hand. "Here is my apartment! Also Harrys.." Louis said with abit of bitterness at the end. "Why are you mad at Harry?" I asked while he unlocked the door. "Ermm.. No just little issues." Lou said while he held the door open for me. I smiled and walked in, "wow, this is a nice place!" I said while looking around. It had an upstairs, it was more like a house in my opinion! Louis just smiled and then walked over to the couch. "What movie do you want to watch lovely?" Louis asked handing me a box full of movies. I shuffled through them and then found my most favorite movie ever, "Titanic"! "This one!" I said throwing it to Louis. "Wow! I like this movie too!" Louis said while walking over to put it in. "You have good taste!" I said while he walked back I sat on his lap and cuddled to him. "Im starved! Pizza?" Louis said while looking at me. "Sure!" I said then went back to focusing on the movie, we were at the part when Rose is trying to find Jack while the boat is sinking. Louis got up and walked into the kitchen and I heard his muffled voice on the phone. My phone buzzed it was Harrry. "Is your romantic date done so I can come home? Howd it go :)X" I smiled Louis mustve said that Harry couldnt be home! "No! But come home! Its your house! :) XX" I checked the time it was twelve! Louis came back in and sat down I grabbed the remote and turned the TV off. I sat up then the piano caught my eye. I smiled at Louis and grabbed his hand. "Teach me..." I said while Louis smiled and grabbed my hands and started playing a tune and singing to it. I smiled and blushed,I turned my head and then I saw Louis was coming in for a kiss. I grabbed his waist and we kissed. Louis picked me up and we took it to the couch. He layed me down and we starting kissing deeply. "Im home!" Harry shouted. I instantly jumped up and backed away from Lou, who was backing up and fixing his hair. "Ohh lala! Some fun stuff happinin!"Harry said before winking at me and walking upstairs. "I bit your lip didnt I.." I said while awkwardly sitting there. "Kinda.. But thats okay." He said while sitting next to me I leaned up to him and we waited for the pizza. We finally heard the doorbell. We ate pizza and then finished the movie. Best night ever!

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