Everything happens for a reason.

20 year old Faith who's boyfriend and brother can never seem to get along finds herself in a situation that puts her life at risk. She must chose between her brother, or her beloved boyfriend when she realizes Lou doesnt like her anymore and starts to fall for Zayn, but shes dating Louis and it wouldnt be right or would it?


21. Tellling him yeah bad bad idea.......

I opened the door and saw Jake looking up and seeing Louis behind me. He shook his head, and I smiled and so did Lou and we walked down. "What the fuck were you guys doing?" Jake said while getting pissed off even more each second. Imagine how he is going to react when I tell him im pregnant. "Each other..." Niall mumbled laughing abit. No one heard him besides me and Louis we both gave him a look and he chuckled. "Well?" Jake said while looking me in the eyes. "Making...Out.." I mumbled while looking at the ground Louis put his hand on my waist and pulled me closer to him. "Agh I hate you Louis! Stealing her away from the people who actually care about her you only want sex huh pretty boy?" Jake yelled. "Jake!!" I shouted and walked towards him and pushed him. "I love Louis! He loves me and all these boys here actually care about me dont be insulting my brothers and boyfriend!" I shouted Louis grabbed me. "Calm down babe." He said while rubbing my back I sighed and looked Jake in the eyes he had no idea what to say. "Me and Faith have important news Jake." Louis said while holding my hand, I glanced up at Lou who smiled I smiled back and then looked at Jake and took a deep breath. "Jake.... Were having a baby." Louis said and I smiled and looked at a overly shocked Jake. "You gotta be joking.. Right?" Jake said me and Louis shook our heads no and Jake lost it. Instead of taking out his anger on Lou he took it out on me. "YOUR A SLUT!" Jake shouted at me I just looked down shocked he would say that Lou grabbed me and pulled me away. Before he could Jake slapped me so hard I fell to the ground and I just held my hand on my cheek. "WHAT THE FUCK JAKE!!" Louis said going up to Jake and shoving him all the boys except Lou ran to me and helped me up. "Cmon pretty boy lets fight right here!" Jake said while shoving Lou back. I ran up and got in between them and Jake pushed me away and Louis threw a punch which knocked Jake to the ground. The boys pulled him away and I ran to my room crying.

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