Everything happens for a reason.

20 year old Faith who's boyfriend and brother can never seem to get along finds herself in a situation that puts her life at risk. She must chose between her brother, or her beloved boyfriend when she realizes Lou doesnt like her anymore and starts to fall for Zayn, but shes dating Louis and it wouldnt be right or would it?


25. Staying

"Zayn your not going to be in it if you go..." Liam says while comforting a depressed Zayn. I got up and walked over to Lou he wrapped me in his arms. I didnt feel the sparks I used to fell.... I just brushed that thought out of my mind. "Babe can Zayn stay with me while you guys are away?" I said I saw Louis wince at my words but he nodded and agreed I gave him a smile and he smiled back. "Ok Zayn we are leaving tommorow except your staying home and resting.. Ok?" Liam said while hanging up the phone he was probably talking to management. All Zayn could do was nod he was so sad. I was happy he was going to be with me but sad at seeing him so depressed. "Im going to get packed you boys should to." Liam said Louis and Harry sighed. "Okayyy daddy." Both the boys said the coment made Liam smirk and  me giggle it did nothing for Zayn everyone gave him a pat on the back then walked out of the room it was just me and him. Alone. He was staying I was glad he needed the comfort of a girl. "Im really sorry Zayn." I said while walking over to him

"Its fine." He said while sighing

"No its not fine. Zayn Malik do not act like this isnt a big deal." I snapped. He looked at me suprised I saw a tear escape his eyes.

"Alright maybe im upset but what does it matter?!" Zayn snapped. Ok I deserved that. I gave him a sincere look.

"Matters to me Malik.." I said while grabbing his hands.

"I... Faith I.... Nevermind.." Zayn said,something was obviously bothering him but he was afraid to tell me.

"Tell me Zayn. Please." I said while sueezing his hands.

"Its nothing forget it." He said while jerking his hands away quickly and scooting away from me.

"Ok...." I said while getting up and walking away I heard Zayn sobbing I couldnt just leave him...

"Zayn.. Im here for you." I said while sitting next to him he scooted away.

"Get away.." He snapped through his sobs. I looked at him suprised by his actions I got up and left.


I felt the tears run down as I walked into me and Louis room and slammed the door. I totally forgot Lou was in the room.

"Woah. Babe whats wrong?" Louis said while sitting next to me on the bed.

"Zayns whats wrong."

"What did he do now..?"

"Hes being rude to me while I was trying to help him."

"Im sorry love.. Well I have bad news.."

"What.." I said while looking worried into Louis eyes.

"I... I have to leave for tour tonight.. Like in ten minutes.." Louis said with a tear in his eyes.

"Oh.... Louis I love you and im going to miss you soo much!" I said while jumping into his arms and kissing him passionatly.

He kissed me back and then we both stood up he pulled my shirt up and kissed my belly which was still thin.

"Love you two.." He said while rubbing my tummy and kissing me. Theres that feeling.

"We love you to Lou" I said with a smile.  He smiled and then walked out holding my hand. I said goodbyes to the boys then they were gone.... Now it was just me and that asshole Zayn...

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