Everything happens for a reason.

20 year old Faith who's boyfriend and brother can never seem to get along finds herself in a situation that puts her life at risk. She must chose between her brother, or her beloved boyfriend when she realizes Lou doesnt like her anymore and starts to fall for Zayn, but shes dating Louis and it wouldnt be right or would it?


10. Morning Sickness? No..

I woke up to a sudden spinny feeling and I felt hot. I ran to the bathroom and puked last nights diner. "Are you okay?" Harry said while pickign you up. "Yeah just got alittle sick I guess." I said I wasnt worried about being pregnant because its only been a fucking day. Well we have had sex before.. Oh god.. I ran downstairs and grabbed my keys. "Tell Louis I will be back!" I shouted to Harry."Mk" Harry said. I went to the drug store and bought tow pregnanct tests. "This cant be happening.." I said to myself. I checked the calender and it was late...My period hasnt been here.. I got home to find Louis in the kitchen. "Shit!" I mumble to myslef pulling the bag behind me. "Hey babe! Whats this?" Louis says while grabbing the bag from you. "Louis give it back-Lou seriously now!" You shout before Louis smiles and laughs. "Aha I dont think soo.." Louis said while trailing off his eyes widened as he saw the pregancy tests. "Are you..?" Louis says while dropping the bag. I picked it up, 'I dont know.." I said while walking into the bathroom. I peed on the stick and waited. "This is it.." I said while walking towards the tests..

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