Everything happens for a reason.

20 year old Faith who's boyfriend and brother can never seem to get along finds herself in a situation that puts her life at risk. She must chose between her brother, or her beloved boyfriend when she realizes Lou doesnt like her anymore and starts to fall for Zayn, but shes dating Louis and it wouldnt be right or would it?


9. Fun Fun night


When we got home me and Louis heard Harry upstairs. I sat on the couch and Louis sat next to me. "Love you babe soo so much.." Louis said while kissing you all over. you bit your lip trying not to moan. You wrap your hands around his torso and he lifts you up by your butt. He walks into the room and shuts the door. "Mmmm Lou.." I said while Louis took my shirt off. I pulled his shirt of and fiddled with his belt until it came undone and I pulled him pants down leaving him in his boxers. Louis took my bra off and started massaging my breasts and I moaned. Louis moved slowly to my thong. He pulled it off with his teeth and started massaging my clit. He started eating me out and I groaned. "Ohhh fuck Louis ohh.." I screamed as Louis knew I was reaching my high he sped up. "Louis!! I-Im G-gonna cum!" I screeched. Louis fingered me until I came all over his hand he licked me clean and then started teasing me. "Cmon Louis fuck me!" I said demending him to. "Beg, beg Faith." Louis said sexually and seducively. "Fuck! Louis stop being a tease! Fuck me and fuck me now!" I screamed and then without warning Louis thrusted into me. I bit my lip at the pleasure and pain. "Ohhh shit Im gonna cum!" Me and Lou said at the same time. Louis started bucking hard and started saying naughty things to me. "Fuck! awww shit!" Lou said as I felt his juices inside me. "Louis Tomlinson! Keep going!" I shrieked as I was about to cum too. "Ohhh Louis im coming!" I yelled and came all over his dick. I fell and we both started panting like dogs. "Best. Night.Ever" Louis said between pants. "I. Agree." I said panting.

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