Imagine -Harry Styles-

You and Harry Styles are Playfully fighting.. in bed ;)


1. The Games

You are lying in your bed waking up to the settle sound of your boyfriends sleep and the early birds Chirping away.. You turn around to see him sound asleep. You think about what happened last night and give a small laugh. Harry scrunched his nose and eyes and they fluttered opened. You look at him with your cute smile. He smiles back his sexy Big smile ;).. "Morning babe" you say "Morning Y/N" He says running his hand up your side. You squirm when his hand reaches your stomach because thats where your most ticklish! You laugh extremely hard as he moves his fingers on your rib cage. "H-Harry! Sto-op that!" you say laughing you butt off. "Not a chance Beautiful!" He says back tickling you even harder. You managed to escape his grasp and jump at the foot of your bed. Harry sits up and looks at you, then you jump on Him straddling his waist under your thighs. "Ha! Got you now Styles!" You say pushing your fingers into his neck, In his weak spot. Harry Laughs and Laughs, You realize his hands are free and right before you try to pin them above his head he flips you two over and pins you to the bed. "Well Played.." you say staring into his green orbs. "Why thank you Y/N" You giggle as he lowers his head to your neck giving you love bites everywhere. At the end of it, it was already 11:50am and you two are back together sound asleep.. When you wake up you smile at Harry's Face in front of yours and with his eyes still closed he pulls you close and kisses you passionately on the lips.

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