All started with a knock.

Sorry read the story please!


3. What the fuck?!



"What the fuck!?" I said as I went to go answer the door. It was Sunday morning and 8:00 in the morning. Maliyah was still sleeping. "Can I help you?" I said slightly annoyed. There was 5 boys about my age. "Yeah can we come in 'cuz there's a bunch of fans chasing us! PLEASE!" said a curly haired boy. "Umm... yeah sure" I said while opening the door. They all rushed in as fast as they could. Then I heard Maliyah rushing down the stairs. "PAIGE!? WHAT HAPPENED?!" she said. "Umm nothing these boys said if they can come in cuz of some fans chasing them or something." "oh" she said. Then she slapped my arm hard. "OOWWW WHAT THE FUCK MALI! what was that for?!" "First cuz I was bored and second because you invited strangers into the house! We don't know if they're pedophiles or something!" Then we both forgot that the boys were here. We turned and  looked at them. They were on the couch watching us with mouths open."Awkward" I said under my breath. "Yup" Maliyah said. "Okay Maliyah Prince here will tel you what to do and introduce me and her. Okay? Okay! BYE! I said rushing up the stairs. "Oh no you're staying here. This is more your fault than mine." "Fine....bitch." I said the last part under my breath. "Say it again!" "I said I love you my best friend.......bitch." I said and I ran upstairs so she wouldn't catch me. 

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