All started with a knock.

Sorry read the story please!


2. Regular Day



"Uhhh!I don't wanna get up!"  "WAKE UP BITCH!" said Maliyah, my best friend. Me and her have been best friends since the 4th grade. We live in an apartment in East Lake, San Diego, California. It's pretty big for two teenagers. Maliyah's mom and dad bought it for us since Maliyah's mom is a designer for DC Shoes and her dad works for the hospital. "What time is it?" I said. "8:30 why?""WHAT I CAN'T KNOW THE TIME?!" I yelled. I was always cranky in the morning. "PAIGE SHUT UP JESUS?!" "Sorry Mali (the nickname I use for her)" "It's okay, but seriously wake up" "Okay I will". I got up and went to my bathroom. I took a shower and brushed my long curly hair. After that I changed into short shorts and a plain white tee with a jean vest with studs, then I picked out some pink Nikes. I walked to the kitchen and Maliyah was already dressed. "How are you already  dressed?" I asked "Hey, I'am just a bad ass like that!" she said. I laughed at how awquard she was. "So what are we doing today?" I asked since it was a Saturday and we didn't have to got to work. By the way Maliyah and I work at Hot Topic. "I don't know why don't we go to Starbucks then, got to the mall or something?" "Sure" We started driving down the street to Starbucks. I got a White Chocolate Mocha and Maliyah got a hot chocolate. We sat down and started talking. After about a half an hour of talking and drinking StarBucks. We then, drove down to the mall. I bought a few things from H&M and Maliyah got a few things from Forever 21. We then,drove home. "I'am so tired!" Maliyah said. "How? We only went out for lilke an hour and a half?" "I don't know I am." "Weirdo" I said under my breath. "You are one too Paige!" I heard Maliyah yell. It was know 8:00 and I decided to go to bed. "Night Mali" "Night Paige!" With that I laid on my bed and went to sleep.


HI sorry if this is a bad first chapter I barley started this so yea. Thank you for reading. 


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