All started with a knock.

Sorry read the story please!


4. Names


 Half way up the stairs she called me. "Wait where the fuck are you going?" Maliyah said. "Um upstairs?" I said "NO! You, Paige Rose Evans, are going to stay here and help me with these boys. No offence." She said. "Chingados!" I said. "Don't start with me Paige .Stop with your Spanish." I walked over to the couch and sat down. All the boys were staring at us. "Maliyah say something!" "Oh okay um so first what are your guys' names?" She said. "Ohhh ummm.." the guy with curly hair said.


Well me and the boys were in San Diego for a vacation from the tour. "I am so bored!" Louis said. "How 'bout we go to Starbucks and walk around a bit to get to know the place?" Liam said "Yea and even if we're lucky we can meet some girls?" I said. "Umm no." said Zayn."Fine. Only Starbucks and walk?". Everyone nodded. We went to the closest Starbucks then, next thing you know we are getting chased by fans! "What do we do?" I asked still running. "Umm go knock on that door!" Louis said. I ran up and knocked. "What the fuck?!" someone said. They opened it and out came a girl about my age with curly brown hair and  brown eyes. "Can I help you?" She said slightly annoyed. "Yeah can we come in 'cuz there's a bunch of fans chasing us! PLEASE! I said. "Umm..... yeah sure" she said. We rushed in. Another girl that had curly hair, but poofy came running down the stairs. "PAIGE!? WHAT HAPPENED!?"she yelled to the other girl which I was assuming was Paige. "Umm.. nothing these boys said if they can come in 'cuz some fans were chasing them or something?" Paige said. "Oh" The other girl said. Then she slapped Paige hard on the arm. Ouch. "OOWWW WHAT THE FUCK MALIYAH! WHAT WAS THAT FOR?!" Paige yelled. "First because I was bored and second because you invited strangers into the house! We don't know if they're are pedophiles or something!"she said. Wait.. WHAT?! Me and the boys just sat there with our mouths open. "Awkward" Paige said under her breath. "Yup" Maliyah said. Then Paige spoke up " Okay Maliyah Prince will tell you what to do and introduce me and her. Okay? Okay! BYE!" then she rushed up the stairs. "Oh no you're staying here. This is more your fault than mine" "Fine....bitch" Paige said the last part under her breath. That one made me laugh. "Say it again!" Maliyah said. "I said that I love you my best friend.... bitch" Paige said and ran up the stairs. When Paige was half way  up the stairs Maliyah called for her. "Wait where the fuck do you thing you're going?" Wow these girls cuss a lot. "Um upstairs" said Paige. "NO! You, Paige Rose Evan, are going to stay here and help with these boys. No offence." Paige Rose Evans. It suited her. "Chingados!" Paige said. Wait what was that supposed to mean? "Don't start with me Paige. Stop with your Spanish!"  Maliyah said. OHH so it was Spanish that Paige was speaking. Then Paige came over and sat down. We were all staring at both of them. "Maliyah say something!" Paige pushed her. "Oh okay so um so first what are your guys' names?" she asked us. I don't want them to scream when I say my name I hate it when girls do that. "Ohhh ummm.." I said "Well.. I m Liam" Liam said "and that"s Zayn , Niall , Louis, and Harry." Liam said pointing to each one of us. "Hey Maliyah?" "Yea bro?"Maliyah said "Don't those names sound familair to you?" "UMMM I don't know?"

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