Story of my life

Hi my name is Jasmine and i have a pretty crap life! I'm ugly, i have no friends, i'm a Loser and to top it all off i have no parents! My parents died in a car crash 5 years ago, i was only 13 and i have had to live on my own scince then. I have never had a boyfriend or BFF'S or whatever. I really want my life to change but how?


1. Walking with worries

"Jasmine are you ok?" the principal looks at the sadness in my eyes, i look away trying not to stare. "Look Jasmine i understand what your going through, it happened to me when i was your age to but dont worry you will get through it" she gives me a smile and leads me out the door. As soon as i get out the i feel like punching somebody in the face!

I walk to my locker and get my history and math book out, i feel a tap on my shoulder and turn around quickly, i see pain on my new white top. I close my locker and walk to the bathroom, i place my bum on the toilet seat and my books in my book bag and hang it up on the hook. I get out my sandwhich and take a bite out of it, yum chicken and salad. I finish my sandwhich and as i was about to open the door a group of girls stood there in front of the mirror talking about boys and make-up!?! "so what are we gonna do about this loser?" said the tall skinny blond girl "i have no clue but i want to do something mean cause did you see what she did?" "what did she do?" "she went and had a sook to Miss Smith and now im on detention!" "why what did you do?" "threw a slushie in her face" "what! thats not even bad!" "i know right" they walk out of the bathroom after applying their make-up. One of the girls left their purse in the bathroom on the bench, i quickly took it and shoved it in my bag. *RING RING RING* theres the bell i walk out of the bathroom and head to geography.

"Good afternoon class" says my teacher Mr Daverson, nobody listens."Right then please get out your books and turn to page 34. I grab my history book and start to read and do the questions, everybody is talking and on their mobile phones. I finish the questions and hand them to Mr Daverson. "Good job Jasmine" he strats to mark it and i head back to my seat. I take out my iphone to see what time it is, we still had 10 minutes till next period. I started to pack up my things, i went and got my paper off Mr Daverson, 100% like usual. "Everybody pack up please" everybody just grabs their bags caus enone of them did any work! "oh people listen to me please" everybody turns to face Mr Daverson. "The people which is pretty much everybody that do not do their work from now on will not be able to go to prom" everybody is in shock! Mr Daverson is the nicest teacher so everybody thinks that he might be having relationship probloms. *RING RING RING* Everybody walks out of the class going to their next lesson.

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