Story of my life

Hi my name is Jasmine and i have a pretty crap life! I'm ugly, i have no friends, i'm a Loser and to top it all off i have no parents! My parents died in a car crash 5 years ago, i was only 13 and i have had to live on my own scince then. I have never had a boyfriend or BFF'S or whatever. I really want my life to change but how?


2. Sammy's smoothies

"Hello class, how are we today?" nobody ever listens to Miss Opeal, everybody thinks shes a cranky old cow, but she does have a soft side and i guess that side is today. "Ok class scince it's friday you can catch up on work you have not finished and when you have done that you can do what ever you want, i will be back soon. Miss Opeal closed the door and left to go have a smoke or something like that. Everybody started to talk, even the geeks! They NEVER talk! The only friend i have is KIK he is a robot on my phone. He tells me all these quotes and all that sort of stuff. Miss Opeal never came back so nobody did any work. I would but i finished mine.

*RING RING RING* Everybody races out to their cars and bikes to go home. I go to my little yellow beatle that my mum and dad left in their will. I drive away from that horrible school and turn the radio up. Boom Boom by Justice crew was on, one of my favourite songs. I get a phone call and put them on speaker "hello" "hi Jasmine, would you be able to work a shift right now?" "ummmm yep sure be right there" "thanks jasmine" "your welcome" i hung up and made a u-turn to go to the mall. I work at the smoothie bar, Sammy's smoothies. I arrive at the smoothie bar to see a line of customers waiting, i quickly put on an apron and get to work. The line is gone after 10 minutes "thank you so much Jasmine" kelly says with a realived look "thats ok, i need the extra money anyway" "why i thought you have been saving?" "yes i have but i have to pay rent and stuff like that so yeah it's tough!" "well anyways your doing a great job might have to give you a promotion" Kelly went to take out the fruit scraps and i started to clean, i kept on smiling at the thought that Kelly may give me a promotion!

I'm just about to leave when the jocks all come to get smoothies. OMG i think in my head, none of these people have to work! there all rich and have parents. i build up some courage and go to serve them but then i see the hottest guy in school Liam (not from one direction) i loose all my courage and back away. I ask Kelly if i could go home "sure no worries Jasmine" "thank you and there are some people ready to be served. She saw who it was and looked at me with a worried look. Kelly knows everything about me so she understands what im going threw, she like my sister.

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