Story of my life

Hi my name is Jasmine and i have a pretty crap life! I'm ugly, i have no friends, i'm a Loser and to top it all off i have no parents! My parents died in a car crash 5 years ago, i was only 13 and i have had to live on my own scince then. I have never had a boyfriend or BFF'S or whatever. I really want my life to change but how?


3. Mysterous letter

When i arrive back home it's about 6:30, i order some chinease take-away and some drinks. I go back down to the lobby and get my mail. I head back up to my apartment and read my mail. "Bills, bills and more bills......wait whats that? I open up the mysterous letter, *you want to be popuar well do as i say!* What the hell is this!?!? I read the list anyway..

-Be Confident

-Be willing to step out of your comfort zone

-Be friendly but a bitch at the same time

-Have good style

-Try to fix your hair (please your hair is gross)

-Wear the coolest shoes

*I have put $1000 in the envalope use it and go get a make-over! Your welcome!*

Who the hell wrote this?!? As if im going to go get a make-over, i like who i am even though i get bullied and stuff  but i just have to deal with it.

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