Story of my life

Hi my name is Jasmine and i have a pretty crap life! I'm ugly, i have no friends, i'm a Loser and to top it all off i have no parents! My parents died in a car crash 5 years ago, i was only 13 and i have had to live on my own scince then. I have never had a boyfriend or BFF'S or whatever. I really want my life to change but how?


4. Are you serious!?!

*WE ARE NEVER EVER GETTING BACK TOGETHER* I here my phone ringing, i race to my phone and press the answer botton, it was Kelly. "Hey Kelly, whats up?" "ummm the sky hah joking um i need to tell you something" "what is it?" "you may be really happy or really angry" "just tell me i can handle it" "well the boys at the smoothie bar that you didnt want to serve well i told them to be nicer to you or they would have to fight my boxer boyfriend" "you dont have a boxer boyfriend" "i know, so they better not bother you anymore otherwised im screwed hah" "thanks Kelly it means alot but they dont really bully me anyway but thanks it's good to know that i ahve a friend" "thats ok anyways better go byeeeee" "see ya tomorrow" i hung and went and watched tv. As i turned on the tv Home and Away came on, i quickly went and put my pj's on and ugg boots. I snuggled up with a blanket and glued my eyes to the tv. *DING DONG* I hear the door bell, i get up and get my chinese. I quickly pay the handsom looking guy and get back to Home and Away.


I wake up in the morning feeling well rested, i put my uggs on and walk out to the kitchen. I grab a bowl and fill it with fruit loops. So what i'm not one of the girls on a diet, beauty is not everything. I wash my dish and go to my cupboard to get ready. I pick out my favourite yellow skinny jeans and a white lace top. I fishtail braid my hair and put my heart necklace on. I put on my brown ankle boots that have no heal and go to brush my teeth. I pack my bag with lunch, lip balm,books and my sunnys. I grab my keys and head to the lobby. I head outside to the parking lot and start to drive to school. As i arrive at school about 100 people are outside in the senior area looking at something i run over to them and push my way threw the front. I look up at the poster and it's a picture of me......... for prom queen!?!?!?


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