The beginning

When Emma comes to London to go to a performing arts camp and to help out her uncle with the X-Factor that's all she expected not to fall in love.


5. Tears and Joy which one???

The first group came through, I don't know how uncle Si is so good at telling people that they weren't good enough to go through to the live shows I always got REALLY sad and a bad feeling in my stomach like what if we made a bad dession what would happen to them??? The first group was up in front of us crying really softly trying to hide it there was a lot of silence even the birds weren't chirping finally my uncle broke by saying "I have some news..." the group was crying really bad. My uncle spoke again saying "Its bad news. I'm sorry" with that the group loudly and I mean LOUDLY they were escorted out then we did the same thing with the next group it was so sad then they walked in first the curly haired one then the boy with brown hair and brown eyes came followed by Louis the only name I know (besides Niall) then came ther boy with black hair and beautiful brown eyes then came Niall. Gosh how he took my breath away he was just so perfect they all where but Niall had this certain thing about him that made me so attracted to him they all stood together in a kind of open huddle just looking at my uncle with hopeful eyes my uncle started with the usual sentence "I've got some news boys" then he hit them with a dramatic pause then I thought "just say it already!" which apparently was not in my head because they all looked at me my uncle like OMFG that was funny and the boys looked happier and Niall.. Niall well was just starring me in the eyes like not creepy staring but like wow starring I blushed and looked down and said "Sorry..sorry" then my uncle said "well somebody has no patience.." Then he looked at the boys and said "it's good news!" they started jumpping up and down they all hugged each other in Huddle then they ran to me and my uncle first Harry sayin thank you so much than Niall. OH MY GOSH well Niall hugged me it was like the best ug I ever had we just kept hugging each other then the boys and my uncle all did like a excuse me noise and we broke out if the hug I looked down and blushed and Niall looked at me and then at the boys and gave them like a Dude REALLY look which made me blush even more. Then they said thank you again and walked out to do a quick interview before they left for the interview Niall looked back at me which again made me blush again. MAN that boy always made me blush like crazy. My uncle saw me and said "No not yet."

* so I hope this chapter is long enough for you guys. Well I was wondering do you s want me to the next chapters that goes through the whole week and every song or skip a few songs and go to like the finals because I kind of have this idea where it goes past a few songs and goes to this certain thing but if you guys want me to go week by week so let me know eaither dm me on twitter or leave a comment LOVE YA!!
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