The beginning

When Emma comes to London to go to a performing arts camp and to help out her uncle with the X-Factor that's all she expected not to fall in love.


8. On our way *Short

We where in the car and my uncle was explaining what was going to happen "Okay since you won't be going to APA this summer you both will be coming with me to the X-Factor studios everyday." we both nodded and looked out the Winodw FINNALY WE WHERE HERE we didn't even get out the car yet a people where already taking our bags up to our rooms we followed the people up to our room. Me and Alex didn't share the same room wpbut we where right next door to each other we we in our rooms and came right back out because my uncle called us both "what" we both said at the top of the Stairs "come on we are going to the X-Factor studios" "Already??" we both said in unison "yes now let's go" we looked at each others and went to the car. On our way we go at least I might be able to see the boys again.

* sorry this one was really short but I did right I really long one so it kinda makes it even and just to let you guts know my name is not Emma and I don't have a best friend named Alex I'm basically making up all the names besides the boys and uncle Simon hopefully you knew those 6 where real*
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