The beginning

When Emma comes to London to go to a performing arts camp and to help out her uncle with the X-Factor that's all she expected not to fall in love.


4. Obvious enough

My uncle just looked at me and started laughing. "what? They where AMAZING!" "I agree 100%" my uncle replied. "Then why where you laughing at me???" I said with a really confused look on my face. "It was just really random like you little story." my uncle looked at me with one eyebrow in the air. "So" my uncle said breaking the quiet dession time "I can tell you like they blonde one huh?" I looked away and blushed my uncle was like one of my best girl friends I can talk about anything with him and I mean ANYTHING which is a good thing. "I dont know I don't even know the boys name" I said looking at the papers I had t fill out for my uncle which had al the ratings and comments on it so we can look at them and make our dession after we looked over the papers we called in the first group to start telling them they're future.

*sorry about the last chapter really short right and sorry for not updating in a while I have been reading a lot of amazing fan fics lately like REALLY GOOD so I'll try updating more often now so hope you enjoyed these chapters and I might post a lot of chapters in one day who knows all I know is I'm going to hang out with my best friend so follow both if us in twitter I'm @Smithers7677 and if you look through a lot of my tweets you might figure out who my best friend is her name is @farzanafariha
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