The beginning

When Emma comes to London to go to a performing arts camp and to help out her uncle with the X-Factor that's all she expected not to fall in love.


2. I didn't just say that?!

As I grabbed my carry out from above me the flight attendant said she would follow me out to make sure everything was okay I just nodded and left the plane. As I was looking around the airport I saw a lot of people and a lot of limo drivers, I thought I would be looking for my Nicole but instead a lady from the front desk told me he sent a limo. I wasn't as upset as they thought I would be but a limo is picking me up to go to a manchion not very many people get to do that. I looked for the sign with my last name on it, I then saw it a sign that said Cowell. The man had hit hat over his face, he looked a little shady but I slowly walked towards him I said "I'm Cowell" and the man lifted up his hat. "UNCLE SIMON!!!" I yelled I was so happy to see him he hugged me tightly saying how much he missed me, but than when I said Simon everyone looked and saw it was him and all these people started busting out in song like it was high school musical or something. We quickly left a jumped into the limo.

When we got to his house their we're reporters out side asking about this years X-Factor he casually said "You will have to watch and see." I don't even know how they can expect an answer it of him I mean he hasn't even picked who will go to the live e inshows yet and I know I'm supposed to help. We but my luggage in my room and went to go look around I've been here so often that I know where everything is, but he insisted on showing me he showed me all the security codes and everything I needed to know, he then explained to me how the house auditions are going to go he said he picks a select number of talented people to be on his 'team' and then they will all compete for the 5,000,000 dollar prize. "I know all this Uncle Simon, I did watch it before." he chucked and we went into his backyard and started.

Their we're many good acts I mean they have to be good or they wouldn't have made it this far. Then this one group came in starting with the really cute blonde I felt like I was just starring at him for a minute and turns out like I was because my uncle tapped my shoulder and said "be professional." I blushed and looked back at the cute five teenage boys in front of me. My uncle spoke, "I can see which one of you was stung. What happened?" "Sea urchin." he replied I quickly let out an ouch as if I could feel the pain than I started saying, " my friend got stung by a sea urchin once and they made some random guy come up and pee on her, but he wasn't that random because he was staying in our hotel and we said hi to him before but it was a pretty onward situation, wait no. Now that I think about it, I think it was a jelly fish so forget everything I just said." they all started laughing and my uncle looked at me like WTF and Im just sit there totally embarrassed I did not just say that I thought to my self. My uncle then talked quieting the laughter "Well thanks for the random story Emma, now does your foot feel better Louis?" Louis. Louis was his name, great one down 4 to go. Louis responds saying "yeah much." with the biggest smile on his face. "good go ahead and start."
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