The beginning

When Emma comes to London to go to a performing arts camp and to help out her uncle with the X-Factor that's all she expected not to fall in love.


7. Airports EWW!!N*long

I walked into my bedroom and let out a big sigh, I couldnt believe that APA actually burnt down. I plobbed down on my bed and let out another sigh this was supposed to be the best summer ever which included going to APA but at least I get to hang out with my amazing uncle some more, that was probably they only good thing about all this besides seeing my best friend all the time, but hey everything happened for a reason maybe the school burnt down as a sign that something else was supposed to happen. I got off my bed and grabbed my suite case from under it I started packing which didn't take long scince I didn't have that many things yet.

(then next day *in the morning :D)
I just woke up because we had to be at the air port soon and it was not far or that close to our house eaither some of the workers named Felipe and Seith came in my room and took my bags down. Now don't think think that I'm some snooty girl with a rich uncle because I'm not I barely had the workers do anything for me and I would always talk to them like they where my best friends I never disrespected them I'm not that kind of person. I was walking down stairs with Felipe and Seith while they had my luggage and we where just talking I walked with them to the car and after we got done laughing at the worst joke ever that Seith just told us they hugged me and said see ya soon I said bye to everyone there and got in the car my uncle came in about 30 seconds after. "Ready to go??" my uncle asked me I nodded and we headed for the airport.

(after the went through everything at the airport and landed in London)

Finally we are of that plane I was sitting behind this one guy and it was a nightmare because I'm pretty sure he had beans before the plane gosh it was horrible. So we got off the plane and went to where Alexs plane would land in about 10 minutes 2 by the time we actually got to the gate. We got our luggage and went to go wait for Alex's plane to land.

"Emma!!" I heard somebody scream my name I turned around quickly and same Alex we both ran to each other and gave one another a big hug "Oh my gosh I've missed you so much!" Alex said as if I where gone for a year " Alex I've been gone for a week I haven't been away that long" "I know but when you spend everyday with somebody and then you don't for like a week it feels like a year but you know I can see you haven't missed me as much as I missed you I guess I'm just a better friend" she said trying to act a little upset while I pretended to be offended by her comment "well then" I gasped "I was kidding." she told me "I know and I did miss you because in that week I have had nobody to talk to" "What about me" my uncle said coming closer "Well besides you uncle Si" I nodded and tried to look sad but let's be honest here my uncle is NOT a very good actor. Alex hugged my uncle since he has known her since I as little."Alex long time no see." my uncle greeted her with a terribal and I do mean TERRIBAL Jamaican accent "You to uncle Si" she greeted back. And yes she calls him uncle Si, we've know each other for so long that all her relatives where mine and all mine where hers because we are that god dang cool (did anybody else think of Louis when you read that little line 'because we are that god dang cool' form the video diaries when the were all wearing onezies I would have used damn but I don't what ages are reading this so back to the chapter.) we Got in the car and started heading for their house. Maybe this summer will be the best after all.
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