Never letting you GO

A girl Summer fighting for her life with a case of cancer! She doesnt have much days to live because her family is too poor for special treatments with the doctor until some boys hanged her life.


3. So close

Zayn P.O.V

Here i am sitting down when i saw her heartbeat rate it was going in straight lines! So i called the nurse as LOUD as i can! Is she dying?? Please she isnt, i just cant! Im sorry but, she's dead! The nurse said. NOO! I really cant this cant be happening, this is not happening! Wake up please summer summer please! You have to stay! Then i saw she is breathing! The heartbeat rate is going not in straight lines anymore! She is alive! It was close! Then i saw her eyes opening! Zayn? She said, you stayed! Thank you! She continued. -kisses summer's forehead-
I thought she was going to die! I felt scared!

Summer P.O.V

I really cany believe he stayed. Why? Does he like me? Why did he? He looked extremely red when i woke up. What happened?! Your okay!! Niall said. I thought you were going to die! My parents said! We were so scared they continued. Then i heard the nurse said, its a miracle it is! I cant believe it! Her cancer is gone! Its cured! Its like a miracle!!
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