Never letting you GO

A girl Summer fighting for her life with a case of cancer! She doesnt have much days to live because her family is too poor for special treatments with the doctor until some boys hanged her life.


4. Miracle

The lads P.O.V
Wow! It is a miracle! Cancer cAnt just go away! Liam said. But thank goodness she is okay! He continued! Piñata! I heard Louis! Why a piñata? Niall Laughed! Yeh? Why? Harry Asked. I cant believe it! Thats good! Its fabolous! I would never let her go like that! And ever! Zayn said. She is the one for you i think Zayn, because you havent like this for a girl in your life before, Harry said.

Parents P.O.V

Hey lads, want to go for dinner? In our house? A celebration! For the wonderful miracle! My father said.
Great idea pops! Zayn said. Dad, thank you! Summer said!

Summer P.O.V

Thank you everyobe for supporting me! Especially you Zayn! And my parents! Without you guys i would be up in heaven! But for all of your support im still here alive! -kisses zayn-

The end! Hope you guys like it!

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