Never letting you GO

A girl Summer fighting for her life with a case of cancer! She doesnt have much days to live because her family is too poor for special treatments with the doctor until some boys hanged her life.


1. At home

Hi im Summer, and i have cancer i dont have muh days to live i cant get any special treatment for my family is poor. Im here in bed looking at my posters thatbinwish one day one direction would be there for me. Its my birthday tomorrow, i dont care if i dont get anything.

Dad P.O.V

Its Summer's birthday tomorrow i cant get her anything i dont have enough money too get one direction for her. -takes phone out- i will go on twitter and ask one direction, but they might want some money... But Summer said they are nice boys and would do anything. -twitting-

Mum P.O.V

Hunny, its Summer's birthday what should we get her? Im so scared that she will be mad! Its okay love!! He said. :( i just wish she will feel okay.

Summer P.O.V

Yey its my birthday! Happy birthday!! Said mum and dad... But there was also some others sounded like someone irish. Niall? Was it? Can it be? But how? I heard knocks on my bedroom door. Happ birthday! Said five lads! Thank you! This is the best day ever only if i could get out of this. Dont worry Summer we will help you! Said Liam. Liam is so nice! All of us will then after we will go Nandos! Said Niall! I just laughed. This is the best day of my lifee!

Zayn P.O.V

Guys, we should get her to the hospit before its too late, this innocent beautiful lady! They all agreed! More like your in-love with her Zayn! Said Niall. Ahhaha
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