The Game of H.A.M.

Word Count :4,999/5,000. This is the first of the trilogy and every character in this tale is named after the username of a friend I have made in Runescape. What happens when the Gielinor Games, an occasion designed to bring all the races of Runescape together to bond and compete, gets interrupted by a Hate organization? Follow the survival story of Ted and Lucy as they fight to bring a warning to the city of Varrock of impending doom. What secret magic has the group known as the "Death Droppers" uncovered that could shift the security of Varrock forever?


2. The Death Droppers


Gone, was the fresh air of the city. Gone, was the enticing smells of the city square. Gone, was the protection the Varrock guards and the city walls had presented. At first, came the endless darkness, a sea of black, surrounding the group that seemed to expand into the vast distance of this dead planet. They had been teleported into the Wilderness.

“What’s going on? Where are we? Who are they?” were the first sounds heard coming from a distraught young girl peering off into the distance.  At first, the object the girl was looking at seemed to be just a part of the endless darkness, but movement and a faint outline of a body, revealed a man dressed in dark wizard robes, and wielding a towering, silver staff. All around, more movement in the dark revealed similar robed men, about twenty in counting, some of which were wielding similar staffs, others wielding wands and all were advancing towards the group.

One man, the clear leader by his robe distinction, which contained bright purple layers, spoke “Allow me to introduce myself, the name is Murdoc and I am the leader of this group, known as the DD, or more correctly, the Death Droppers. You all had the privilege of being a part of this ground breaking, experiment, which I might add was a huge success”.

 At the mention of the word “death”, Lucy strengthened her grip on her concealed dagger and responded to Murdoc, “And what experiment would that be? All I see here is a sick joke”.

Her question was instead answered by another man standing on the right of Murdoc, “A sick joke? Stupid girl, the magic you just witnessed has been attempted since the existence of Varrock, and always has resulted in failure, but today the DD have been the first to resist Varrocks magical teleportation barrier and not only did we teleport inside the city without clearance, we managed to kidnap a group of seventeen greedy troll lovers and teleport them deep inside the Wilderness”.

 “Now, now Jay, no need to waste energy on these like-minded peasants, they would not understand the sheer importance of such a discovery; for the ability to ignore Varrocks magical teleportation laws would mean attacks on the city could occur anytime and in masses, a discovery that would help cleanse the filth that now inhabits the city due to the so called Gielinor Games”, said Murdoc to his ally, Jay.

 “You learned to do your dark magic, now take us back at once I say”, shouted an elderly man.

 “Ahh, you bring me to my next point, you see by kidnapping you kind folks here today I have ensured that Varrock will send in its finest warriors to search for you in the wilderness, and while they journey far from the city to find you, the Death Droppers will simply teleport into Varrock where our true mission lies. So with that said, there is nothing left for all of you… but to die and wait for your bodies to be collected” sneered Murdoc.

Panic set in, at once the group of hostages began to flee south, the attackers however remained motionless, until Jay rose his staff into the air and an instant wave of ice cold air filled the surroundings, the elderly man from before stopped in his tracks screaming, as if in tormenting pain. Although he was screaming the man’s body remained motionless, it was then that Ted realized he was being frozen by ice, after only a few agonizing seconds the man was dead, encased completely in a block of ice. The group, transfixed at the horrific sight they witnessed regained its composure and resumed their bid for escape.

Ted and Lucy managed to make it to the front of the group but they knew the vulnerable victims behind them were easy pickings for the DD. Almost as if a game, the Death Droppers advanced using various freezing spells, fireballs, and stunning spells resulting in the hostages to split up and head into different directions.  Risking a glance back, Lucy spotted four of the twenty DD members in hot pursuit of her, Ted, and three other survivors. In the distance more screams and blasts could be heard as the remaining survivors met their deaths against sixteen DD mages. As Ted and Lucy’s group ran for their lives, blasts of ice and fire soared past their heads, narrowly missing them as they dove behind various obstacles such as dead trees and rocks in an effort to provide distance between the attackers.

Out of breath, a young girl unable to keep running quickly met her fate as a DD member glided past her, slashing her with the razor sharp end of his staff, killing her instantly. Another survivor, turned back in horror at the lifeless body of the unknown girl, and made a mad dash of anger towards one of the mages driving a well-aimed fist into his jaw drawing blood and knocking him out cold. The fighter bravely bought enough time for the three other survivors to gain distance before he was killed and his body left with the girl. Up ahead, they noticed a thick patch of forest which would serve as a hiding place if luck held.

“What is your name?” asked Ted to the only other survivor apart from Lucy, as they hid in a patch of dead trees attempting to regain their breaths.

 The man seemed about the same age as Ted, but seemed much more frightened by the turn of events and out of breath, “the names Atarah”.

“We will get back, and when we do we must raise the alarm of the oncoming attack” said Lucy.

“How do we know that we are even going the right way?” asked Atarah.                   

 “Well that is easy. I once heard a story by the Varrock librarian, Reldo, that the ground in the wilderness is at all times dead and black, but you will know which way is south by the change of colour in the ground as it gets brighter and more full of life as you near Varrock. I would say we are at least a couple-”. Just then a cold blast of wind and a bright blue light smashed into Ted’s foot as he was iced into place.

“Hey Matchu! I found them! They’re over here!” shouted a voice.  Lucy glanced behind the tree and a robed DD member was making his way towards them with the remaining other two members not far behind, but with Ted being unable to move, flight was out of the option.

Once within distance, Lucy launched herself towards the oncoming mage, withdrew her beloved dragon dagger, driving it deep into the throat of the surprised mage, she then pulled him towards her and whispered “You bastards…  It seems your little experiment didn’t work out too good for you now did it?” She then pushed his lifeless body aside and directed the dagger into the iced foot of Ted; freeing him.  

“Lucy that was amazing!” said the stunned figure of Atarah.

“No time to celebrate, the other two are catching up to us, run!” shouted Ted.

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