The Game of H.A.M.

Word Count :4,999/5,000. This is the first of the trilogy and every character in this tale is named after the username of a friend I have made in Runescape. What happens when the Gielinor Games, an occasion designed to bring all the races of Runescape together to bond and compete, gets interrupted by a Hate organization? Follow the survival story of Ted and Lucy as they fight to bring a warning to the city of Varrock of impending doom. What secret magic has the group known as the "Death Droppers" uncovered that could shift the security of Varrock forever?


4. Greed and the Green Dragon


With their muscles aching, Ted, Lucy, and Atarah spent the night resting on a cliff side. The night consisted of a few hours of paranoid sleep, where every sound or cold wind that brushed by made the three survivors shift in panic. They had managed to separate themselves from their pursuing villains as even the Death Droppers required rest.

“Let’s move on, we can’t be far off Varrock now”, ordered Ted as he examined the ground, which now began to show lighter patches of dirt, signaling they were headed down the correct path.

Slowly the group continued south, hiding behind trees and boulders whenever possible with eyes peeled at all times.  Besides the Death Droppers, the Wilderness was riddled with the darkest creatures imaginable, but luckily, being on the edge of the wilderness not many monsters dwelt so close to the border.  None the less, the occasional Hob goblin or Revenant had the three holding their breath.

“Wait! Look… it’s them”, whispered Lucy as she pointed towards two black figures at the top of a dirt mound.   

It was indeed the remaining two Death Droppers that had pursued them. Far from confident and powerful as they once appeared, these two men were now dirty, covered in the blood of their comrades, and slouched over, exhausted looking.  One of the men, identified earlier as Matchu, was peering off into the opposite direction of the three while whispering to the other unknown man. Lucy, Ted and Atarah utilized this chance to try and slip past them through the brush, barely making a sound. Being fairly well hidden and nearly past the two pursuers, hope began settling in on the three as they picked up the pace, climbing over dead logs, and slipping past the looming black trees, but as Ted looked back to check up on Lucy and Atarah, he noticed a pair on blood red eyes in the darkness of the trees getting closer. Before Ted could react, the beast was upon them, with four legs, dark red body, glowing hell-like eyes, it clenched its jaws upon the leg of Atarah dragging him into the open.

With Lucy’s dagger the only source of protection they had, they raced towards the Hellhound, which was now biting the arm of Atarah. As Lucy approached, the Hellhound shifted its attention and advanced upon her and by instinct; Lucy tossed her dagger towards the hound which merely dodged it. Ted and Lucy braced themselves for the worst but the impact they expected, had not come. Instead the two were instantly surrounded by a field of warmth, the hot air around them was comforting in this cold land and when Ted opened his eyes, the sight he witnessed was one he would never forget.

It was a Wilderness Green Dragon; massive, green, and razor sharp claws, the beast flew over Ted and Lucy and blasted the Hellhound with a burst of dragon fire sending the creature running into the darkness ablaze. The dragon turned its body around to face Ted and Lucy, when out of the darkness; a lightning bolt struck the dragon. The commotion had alerted the two DD members who were sprinting towards them casting various spells and blasts, temporarily distracting the dragon. Lucy and Ted used the distraction to get to Atarah, who sustained a badly injured arm and various bite marks across his leg and neck.  Arms around Atarah, the three ran south and up a hill where they glanced back and saw the Death Droppers regretting their actions of attacking the Green Dragon. The spells they fired held no affect, as the dragon’s thick scales repelled them all. Rearing, the dragon targeted Matchu and blasted a surge of dragon fire charring the man on the spot, leaving the final Death Dropper member fleeing into the forest.

“We are getting close now, hold on Atarah we’ll get you help”, said Ted.

“What is this place? I think I’m going to be sick…” asked Lucy

The group had ventured down the hill and were now in a small valley, here bodies lay strewn across the ground, but they were not human bodies, they were the bodies of Green Dragons. Nearly all the carcasses possessed whip lash scars and the hide had been cut off the beasts.

“Whoever… or whatever killed these beautiful creatures for their hides simply has no soul…” said a shocked Lucy.

“We have to move on Lucy, we cannot stay here, remember we are still being pursued” suggested Ted.

          An injured Atarah, fatigue, and hunger made the journey slower as they travelled through the night until daybreak. With the ground becoming increasingly full of life with each step taken, Ted and Lucy still kept a paranoid look behind them in search of the final DD member.

“Look, someone is coming up ahead” said Lucy.

Through the glare of the sun, Ted could make out five individuals hurrying towards them, but before he could react, he felt a burst of energy hit him in the back, knocking him to the ground.

“You… You three just wouldn’t die like the rest of your friends…-“, the remaining DD member had been stopped mid-sentence, as he stood towering over Lucy, Ted and Atarah. An arrow flew through the air pierced through his robe and into his chest. The man hovered for a moment, before a flash of light struck him in the head, killing him instantly.

“Are you three alright? My name is Chryzo, and this is Evi, Haddy, Andy and Dakkhyl”, as the five warriors hurried forward.

“The names Ted, this is Lucy and this here is Atarah, he got attacked by a Hellhound and is hurt.”

“I am assuming you are part of the group of people that went missing in Varrock a few days ago? Where is the rest?”

“They are dead, but we must hurry, a group known as the Death Droppers discovered a way to ignore Varrocks teleportation laws and they kidnapped us in an attempt to lure you and your clan out of the city and leave it unprotected”

 “Quickly, everyone hold hands. Andy you must teleport us all back into the city at once to raise the alarm”, spoke Chryzo as he helped Atarah to his feet.

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