The Game of H.A.M.

Word Count :4,999/5,000. This is the first of the trilogy and every character in this tale is named after the username of a friend I have made in Runescape. What happens when the Gielinor Games, an occasion designed to bring all the races of Runescape together to bond and compete, gets interrupted by a Hate organization? Follow the survival story of Ted and Lucy as they fight to bring a warning to the city of Varrock of impending doom. What secret magic has the group known as the "Death Droppers" uncovered that could shift the security of Varrock forever?


3. Expired H.A.M.


In place of colourful decorations, the city of Varrock was now plagued with missing posters. King Roald made the decision to continue the Gielinor Games despite the horrendous kidnapping of the day before and news of the attack spread throughout the city as many mourned the disappearances of loved ones that failed to come home. The general mood of Varrock citizens and foreign athletes was dramatically different today, as happiness was replaced by fear, and vulnerability.

Tension within the Grand Hall of Varrock castle was intense as the King and all his ranks assembled for this important meeting.  Many thoughts raced through the mind of Chryzo as he too waited in the hall. Being the leader of the Kings special force, Chryzo and his clan had been instantly notified the moment the kidnappings had been reported. Overnight, he spent his time attempting to discover how seventeen people disappeared into thin air without witnesses and without leaving the Varrock entrances, as well as who would be responsible. His clan ruled out many possibilities, from Trolls eating them, to the Kinshra pulling off an invisibility potion but ultimately, they concluded only one group had the highest motive to pull off an attack at the time of the Gielinor Games.

This group was known as the Humans against Monster (H.A.M.). Situated near the city of Lumbridge, this organization had become outspoken about the Gielinor Games, and the travesty of the King to allow non-human races into Varrock. The aim of H.A.M. is the eventual annihilation of all non-human races, which is why Chryzo had sent two of his finest fighters, Evi and Haddy, to arrest the leader of H.A.M under suspicion of terrorism and kidnapping.

The doors to the Grand Hall opened and in entered three men. One of them wearing black dragon hide armour and wielding a purple bow was named Evi, while beside him was a purple robed, hooded man that looked to be unconscious and in chains; the leader of the H.A.M. , the third man, wearing heavy plated Runite armour and carrying a long curved sword made out of dragon metal was Haddy.        

                “Thank you Evi and Haddy, I trust the arrest went smoothly enough? Just do us all one last favour and place the accused in the center in the hall for all to witness” spoke King Roald.

With that the two escorted the now alert, purple robed man to the center and they seated themselves, next to Chryzo and the rest of the clan.

“Leader of Humans Against Monsters, your organization has been accused of terrorism and the kidnapping of seventeen innocent humans early yesterday. I demand to know where they are and all information relating to the attack” stated King Roald.

“We have no interest in harming humans you foolish man; we attack only monsters such as the filth you have allowed in your city” said the H.A.M. leader.

“We believe you kidnapped the humans in an attempt to frame the Troll athletes for the crime, as an attack on the city at a time of global reunion is the exact motive your organization needs. Now if you fail to give us any information immediately, it will result in the imprisonment of every one of your member s until the Games have concluded.” replied Roald.

 Visibly shaken by the threat the man replied, “HOW DARE YOU! We did not do this…. But…I may have some information as to who possibly did. A few months ago, my noble organization consisted of more members then it did today and we were negotiating how best to disrupt the upcoming Gielinor Games, my co-leader at the time… A man by the name of Murdoc suggested we implement a new form of magic that his Wizard friends and he had been working on –Don’t ask me what kind of magic it was because he refused to tell me! Anyways he suggested that during the testing of this magic, many humans would be killed and they would be necessary deaths in order to get to the non-human filth races that plague this city. I told him that H.A.M. only harms non-human races and that attacking Varrock citizens would not be allowed. After that argument he left along with a few of our most powerful Wizards”.

 Evi the archer then interrupted, “And where did they go after they left H.A.M.?” he asked.

“Rumour is they went north into the wilderness and set up camp there.. I believe they refer to themselves as the Death Droppers or something…” replied the H.A.M. leader.

 Chryzo and Haddy then stood and whispered something to the King who spoke, “Your information has been useful to us, but you will remain in the custody of the Varrock Guard until such time the Gielinor Games have ended”.   

As the court filed out and the H.A.M. leader taken by the Varrock Guards, all who remained were the King, Chryzo, Evi, Haddy, and two other members of the special force named Andy and Dakkhyl.

“The five of you will set out immediately into the Wilderness to track down these so called Death Droppers and hopefully seek survivors of the kidnapping”, spoke Roald.

“Would it be wise for us to leave? H.A.M. may seek retaliation for locking up their leader and for allowing the games to continue” asked Dakkhyl.

“You make a valid point Dakkhyl, but you forget the new form of magic the DD supposedly possesses and we have no idea how they managed to kidnap seventeen people without a trace. This takes priority” replied the King.

In the armoury, Chryzo made haste to gear up, sporting his razor sharp sword he had once found in a cave, near the Druid city of Taverly. The sword was fairly large, light weight, green, and the hilt symbolised a strange flowing tear drop which seemed oddly familiar. He had made nothing of the sword but later realised it was strangely resistant to rust and not once did it require sharpening, thus the razor sharp sword replaced his old weapon. Once his Runite armour was in place, Chryzo met with Evi, Haddy, Dakkhyl, and Andy at the northern gates of Varrock, all of whom were double checking the supplies and food rations they would need for their journey into the Wild.

 As with the way of the Wilderness, horses and yaks serve little use as the terrain and various creatures deter the animals from cooperating with their human companions. As such, the clan would be travelling by foot, all of them bearing heavy supplies and armour except of course Andy, who was the resident clan mage and only wore light weight, blue Mystic robes, along with a wand awarded to him by the Wizards tower for various deeds. As the group headed north and out of the city, they were watched by a man with black robes and a green monster mask. 

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