The Game of H.A.M.

Word Count :4,999/5,000. This is the first of the trilogy and every character in this tale is named after the username of a friend I have made in Runescape. What happens when the Gielinor Games, an occasion designed to bring all the races of Runescape together to bond and compete, gets interrupted by a Hate organization? Follow the survival story of Ted and Lucy as they fight to bring a warning to the city of Varrock of impending doom. What secret magic has the group known as the "Death Droppers" uncovered that could shift the security of Varrock forever?


5. A Barrage of Rain

The shopkeeper watched as the rain drops splashed against the window panes. Outside, the Gielinor Games celebrations continued despite the downpour and as the days following the kidnapping passed, people began to enjoy themselves once again. As the shopkeeper watched a group of elves perform lightning speed fletching skills, he noticed the rain drops on his window were no longer moving, but frozen. Flashes of light caught the attention of the shopkeeper as he glanced out his window to notice the spontaneous appearance of sixteen robed men in the center of the square. Curious, the shopkeeper exited his general store, to investigate.

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