The Game of H.A.M.

Word Count :4,999/5,000. This is the first of the trilogy and every character in this tale is named after the username of a friend I have made in Runescape. What happens when the Gielinor Games, an occasion designed to bring all the races of Runescape together to bond and compete, gets interrupted by a Hate organization? Follow the survival story of Ted and Lucy as they fight to bring a warning to the city of Varrock of impending doom. What secret magic has the group known as the "Death Droppers" uncovered that could shift the security of Varrock forever?


1. An Alluring Drop Party


“C’mon Lucy, hurry we are missing it, I want to see if the rumours are true and the Trolls have arrived in Varrock! “said Ted, as he rushed down the street, past the gates of Varrock.

 Lucy jogged behind her friend while contemplating the sanity of a grown man at being so fascinated to see Trolls; let alone up close in their city. But as Lucy and Ted raced towards the center of Varrock, the sights and smells that accompanied their journey were far more exotic than the usual monogamous décor of the city. Rooftops of buildings were cleaned and decorated, and all around the citizens of Varrock were in a positive, energized state, as they wandered around the center of the city, exploring new stalls filled with foreign foods, and distant treasures.

The occasion for these splendors was none other than a rare event occurring in the city itself, known as the Gielinor Games.  Across the lands, Trolls, Elves, Goblins, Gnomes, Dwarves, Implings and all other likes of races gather in Varrock to compete in various games designed to test skill and endurance. Each race visiting the city brought with them various cultural foods, such as Dwarven Stouts, Impling chocolate crumbs, Gnome bird soup, and even untouched Troll rock breads, all used to impress their fellow beings and build a respectful bond that the citizens of Gielinor share.

Ted and Lucy spent the day watching various competitions such as Troll wrestling, Dwarven staring contests, Impling catching, and even a Cabbage dodge ball tournament, while ensuring nearly every food stall had been sampled in between events. The great food, music, laughter, the hot summer day, as well as seeing the vast security the Varrock guard and Wizards Tower had provided, made Lucy quickly lose her fear of Trolls. She regretted bringing a razor sharp dagger made of dragon metal with her as an added precaution.

 “So after we have dinner, we might be able to get an autograph from the famous warrior, Chryzo, before the fireworks begin”, said Ted, as they walked down a street, where a Mime was attempting to purchase a Wolf Mask from a confused, sheepish looking Troll.

 “I am beginning to think all this security was a bit unnecessary, these Trolls are actually kind of friendly, and is it really necessary to have Chryzo and his clan fully geared in armour and weapons? They look like they are headed to war, instead of a fun event” complained Lucy.

 “Well Chryzo and his clan has never really been the “fun” sort, have they? They spend their days ensuring the safety of Varrock. I myself plan on applying for Chryzos clan after my Varrock Guard graduation next year, although I heard they take only the most skilled and most powerful of fighters” replied Ted.

Rounding the corner of the General store, a large gathering of about fifteen people all screaming and yelling caught the attention of the pair. As Ted and Lucy approached, a small pouch glided through the air and landed at Lucy’s feet which she picked up and examined. The pouch contained a small, blue gem, possibly a sapphire, at which point they understood; this was a giveaway drop party. Instantly, Lucy and Ted began pushing and shoving, attempting to pick up the treasures a man wearing black robes and a strange green monster mask was throwing.

“Is everyone having a great time at the Gielinor Games? Does everyone enjoy having Trolls, Goblins, Elves Dwarves and whatever other creatures in our city? And… would any of you like to see a bit of magic?” shouted the masked dropper.

 “Yes!” shouted the crowd.

Ted knew that magic could only be performed by the most privileged of mages and that all magic was monitored by the Wizards Tower, so any trick this masked man could perform was most likely an illusion instead of real magic.

“Alright then everyone hold hands, close your eyes, and allow yourself to be transported to the destination of my choosing… that’s where the real party begins” said the masked man. A bit apprehensive, Lucy and Ted held hands with the rest of the group and did as the generous man had asked and slowly they felt themselves being transported, despite the paralyzing magic preventing their bodies from moving. After what seemed like only a few seconds, movement was restored to the group as they opened their eyes in expectation of what magic had been performed. Then a scream, the likes that usually accompanies any horrific event, was heard.

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