Hi my name is Kaya!I am a vampire,I have blonde hair,tan,I am allowed to go into the sun,blonde short hair,black,purple,black,pink highlights in my hair.I have pearl white fangs (I am able to make my fangs come out or not!),skinny but not that!I loved Niall!My mom and dad are dead,I am 20 yeas old (actally 100 years old)!


1. Meeting me the vampire:-)

Kayas P.O.V.

I have blonde short hair,skinny but not that skinny,loved Niall,single,o and I am a vampire!I only drink blood from bottles.Hmmmm delicious.Anyway I went into the barroom and saw my tan skin,I got on make-up,brushed my teeth,and then combed my hair.I wore a belly shirt,black skinny jeans,high heels,putted o my earrings,putted on my braclet,a hat,and grabbed my iPod!I missed 2 calls from:Niall and 18 new messages from:Niall!Lol,oh ad I was married to Niall,had 2 kids one girl one boy!The boys name Zayn ad the girls name Izzey!I will tell you the story about how me and Niall started dating!Right now!
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