Hi my name is Kaya!I am a vampire,I have blonde hair,tan,I am allowed to go into the sun,blonde short hair,black,purple,black,pink highlights in my hair.I have pearl white fangs (I am able to make my fangs come out or not!),skinny but not that!I loved Niall!My mom and dad are dead,I am 20 yeas old (actally 100 years old)!


3. I think I love you:-)

Kayas P.O.V.

*The next day*

Well it was now 6:00 am.I ran upstairs and picked out a black sparkly shirt,white skinny jeans,leather jacket,black high heels,curled my hair,applied make-up,lip gloss,braclet,necklace,earrings,watch,ring,a hat,purse,perfume,lotion,deotoriten,and my iPod 4.I went into the kitchen,ate cereal,drank some blood,and brushed my Presley white teeth!It was now 7:00 am.I got my bookish and purse well and my iPod,iPad,Kindle fox,iPhone,and phone.I drove my dark purple mustang to school.I got out and putted on my sunglasses.(I am a vampire that is alwolled to go into the sun,Duh?)I walke up to the schools door and opened it.I got up to my locker and I couldn't believe my eyes.Niall was kissing a girl.She kissed him and he kissed her back:-(.Niall saw me in tears and ran.My insides hurt.Now I will hurt him.Like he hurted me.While I was ranting I bumped into Harry."Oh I am so sorry"I said to him."It's ok love."He said to me liftin up my chin while looking into his beautulful brown eyes."So why is a gorgeous girl like you is crying."He asked me while I was trying to hide my fangs."Well one of your guys Niall hurt me."I told him."What Niall oh your talking about his gf,Marissa,Marissa Latono."He said while opening his arms.I hugged him so tight."Thnx for telling me that Harry."I told him while letting go and kissing him on the cheek.His cheeks turned red."Yw love."He said."Here let me check your classes."I told him while looking at his papers."We'll lucky you,your in all the se classes as me."I told him.When I went to go to my locker Niall spotted me.And Niall started running up to me trying to kiss me.But I pushed him so hard that he hit the wall pretty bad."What the hell was that for!"He said to me."I saw you kissing that girl and leave me alone and don't ever talk to me ever again,You jerk!!"I told him while Harry was grabbing my waist.Thats when it happened my fangs started to come out.Harry and Niall saw them ad soon backed away."Sorry but um I have to go."I told them while running to my car.Grabed a bottle full of blood.I starte to drink it.I turned my head to see Harry right outside my car door.I putted in my car keys and drove away.Now I am heartbroken and I am ready to rip off Nialls head!!"Honey take your keys to rip off Nialls head!"My dad said.My dad is Draucala."Thnx dad for understanding!"I told him while hugging him."Bye"I said and ran to my car.This is going to be my first time rippin someone's head off.I can't wait to eat Niall.I drove up to his house and I climbed into his rooms window.But I forgot that it was 7:00 pm.Niall saw my teeth and ran.My was I hungry.I ran after him.But before I could catch him Harry stood right in front of me."Please Kaya!Stop!"He told me while taking out his wrist for me to bite.Just then he got glass and made a little cut.Blood dripping.I got more hungry.I opened my mouth and started to suck his blood.Yummmmm.I stopped and saw that he was now dieing.I didn't want him to die:-(I bite his neck.Just then his skin turned white and his teeth turned to fangs,ad he wile up.Niall just was standing there.My dad will be disappointed.So I got up,Took Niall lyied him on the ground for Harry to bite him.Harry bite him slowly and painfully.He soon stopped and that's what happened to the same to Niall.Now what have I done:-(Do I like Harry or Niall?

A/N sorry if this chapter is short but I meant for Harry and Kaya was married.:-(
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