Hi my name is Kaya!I am a vampire,I have blonde hair,tan,I am allowed to go into the sun,blonde short hair,black,purple,black,pink highlights in my hair.I have pearl white fangs (I am able to make my fangs come out or not!),skinny but not that!I loved Niall!My mom and dad are dead,I am 20 yeas old (actally 100 years old)!


4. I chose.....

Kayas P.O.V.

Well now I have to choose,cause Harry and Niall can't stop staring at me.I got my purse got 3 bottles of blood.Gave Niall one,Harry one,and myself one."So Kaya you do you choose."Harry asked."I'll think bout it."I told them whiling kissing there foreheads.I left and saw my dad smiling."Daddy I did it!!"I told him while kissing him on the forehead."Good now go upstairs and get rest."He told me."Ok"I said while running upstairs.I took a long hot shower and letted m hair wet.Went into my walking closet and got on my 100% silk shirt pjs and pants pjs!Wen ton my bed and fell adleep.Harry ad Niall came into my room and woke me up."What the sheez what are you guys doing here."I said while yowning.."WHO DO YOU CHOOSE."They both said."I choose..."

To be contined....
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