the day he came

i was just a normal teenage girl who has big dreams "one day i want to be a famous singer" i say but she starts doubting her dreams when people start saying shes stupid and she will never be a singer but then a cute boy comes along will he give her a chance to become a singer (harry styles fan fic 1D)


2. the date

                                                            ellas pov

tonight i am going to wear a cute green dress. it is light green on top and fades into dark green. its sparkly all over and shimmerey all over. tonight harrys going to wear a tux i know it and now im going to be a star more than that stupid madi that i saw harry looking at.



                               harrys pov



im going to wear a tux tonight but i wont be likeing it. I really want to go out with Madi but i just had to pick the wrong girl too quickly but i dont want to be rude


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