the day he came

i was just a normal teenage girl who has big dreams "one day i want to be a famous singer" i say but she starts doubting her dreams when people start saying shes stupid and she will never be a singer but then a cute boy comes along will he give her a chance to become a singer (harry styles fan fic 1D)


1. chapter 1 school

                      MADI'S P.O.V

" spill" Lauren exclaimed excitedly " I love to sing" I said finally. "you finally told me" my best friend Laurn said "lets hear" "ummmmm im not sure thats a good idea" i said nervosly "oh come on lets hear it" "fine" i stared singing from my faveorite band One Direction. One Thing.

Ive tried playing it cool

But when im looking at you

I cant ever be brave

cuz you make my heart race

"OMG YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!!" Laurn screamed. everyone started staring. omg I frogot we were in the school parking lot.



                    HARRYS P.O.V

"WHY DO WE HAVE TO DO THIS" i screamed angrily "Just beacuse you are singing stars doesnt mean you cant get the right education" paul said "will they have carrots in the lunches??!!" louis asked excitedly " I dont know!!" said paul. he sounded eritaded. I just rolled my eyes and left the room things never go my way and i mean never. I started to walk down the tour bus. Paul is making us go to a school in Michigan. I mean in my point of view we don't have time for school!!! We travel around the world!!! I don't think its fair to us. Well there might just be some cute girls there. American girls are cuter than British ones anyways plus its huge. 


                            MADI'S P.O.V

ring! went the bell "wait before you kids go to 7th period i need to give you a letter" uggggghhhh went the class. "Its about us having a new student in our class." I never had very good luck with boys i really admired the girls who could charm a boy with just a smile. so i hoped it was a cute boy who was desprete for a girlfriend. "now class don't go googoo eyes over this but our new student are singers." "OMG WHO!!" screamed Ella the most popular girl in high school. " ok class" the teacher said slowly " our new classmates are..." and a group of boys walked in 5 of them they looked familer Ella screamed a bunch of girls did then the ran up to the boys as fast as they could i new them now they were ONE DIRECTION the thought went through my mind as all the girls in the class were crowding around them. I just stood there staring. when i caught a glimpse of harry looking at me. when i looked at him he looked at the ground.


                                HARRYS POV

when we walked in class a bunch of cute girls ran up to us. this one girl was pretty i now learned her name is ella. we are in most of the same classes today we are going out to dinner. I really want to ask her out but then in class i saw a beautiful girl more pretty than ella. wavy blonde hair to her waist pretty green eyes that sparkle and her smile thats the best part about her. she has full pink lips that go from ear to ear and cute dimples that pop up when she smiles.


                                  ZAYNS POV


When i walked into class today i saw her super skinny with dark brown curly hair and red glasses shes the most beautiful thing I've ever seen  I saw harry looking at her friend and i saw niall looking at her other friend.



                              NIALLS POV 


When i walked into class i saw lots of cute girls but one caught my eye. short blonde hair blue eyes bright as the sky. harry was looking at her friend and zayn was looking at their other friend.



                               MYAS POV

When one direction walked in i didnt expect it and when i saw zayn looking at me i freaked out man he walked over to my desk and said hey love wanna come to dinner with me tonight? all the girls waited "yes of course" i said all the girls sighed




                               TAYLORS POV


when he came in it was like nothing before sparks flew he look at me i looked at him he came close and wispered in my ear "i love you" and then i wispered back " right back at you" he pulled a strand of hair out of my face he held my cheek and leaned in and our lips crunched together. all the girls sighed some started crying



                                           MADIS POV


Harry sat right next to me in class for the rest of the day we talked and talked.


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