You never know what could happen if you just take a chance.


16. "You're staying here tonight."

Harry's POV

We left the beach and Mads sat inbetween Niall and I. She layed her head on my shoulder, i layed my head on hers, and wrapped my arm around her protectivly. She grabbed my hand and intertwined them together. About an hour later i realized Mads had dozed off, along with Zayn, Liam, and Ana.

It was only me, Nialler, and Lou left, obviously Lou was awake he was driving. "So Haz are you guys a thing?" Lou asked, his voice inbetween a whisper and a normal voice. "Yes, i asked her this afternoon and she said yes," i replied with a small smile in my voice. "You guys look great together, I'm happy for you Harry," He said and continued driving. Niall were talking about random things when we arrived at Mads' flat.

I didn't want to let go of her, but she woke up, "Are we here?" She asked to no one in paticuliar. "Yes, love," i replied as i opened the door for her. "Thanks, Haz." She waved goodbye to the boys who all jumped out and attacked her with a bear hug each. "Glad to know you guys will miss me!" She laughed trying to escape. At once the boys jumped off and ran to the van without a sound but their feet on the pavement.

She giggled and pulled my hand into hers. We turned the corner to her flat door since the boys had parked in the visitors area where i parked yesterday. She pulled out her keys and let go of my hand. I pretended to pout, "Aww, is Hazza sad i let go of his hand?" She said in a baby voice while opening the door. "Yes, Hazza is," i replied back with the same voice sticking out my bottom lip. She laughed and grabbed my shirt, pulling me inside the door fast and pushed me up on the wall. "Oh, sexy!" i said while wiggling my eyebrows.

She kissed me, it was amazing. I asked for entrance into her mouth with my tongue. It turned into a make out session and not just a short, sweet kiss. It was filled lust, passion, and love. I picked her up and she wrapped her legs around my waist, we kept kissing while i walked up the stairs into her bedroom. Her hands were tangling in my hair while her arms were wrapped around my neck. I kicked open the door in her room and walked inside. I dropped her on the bed and layed down beside her. She rolled on top of me, and clawed at my shirt. I had my hands on her lower back, pulling at her shirt a bit.

"Wait, i need to do something real quick," she stopped and ran off the bed back downstairs. I was catching my breath, taking in what was happening. How did i end up with such a perfect girl? I lay there trying to think of reasons when Mads came running into the room again and jumped on the bed.

"What was that about?" i asked her. "You're staying here tonight," she said with a cheeky smile on her beautiful face, "the boys left ten minutes ago, Lou said he knew what was going to happen and drove off as soon as we turned the corner and were out of sight." She said as she climbed back on top of me.

I laughed, "That's Boobear for ya," she stopped playing with my shirt and looked up with wide eyes with a hint of a smile in them. "Boobear?!" she said while laughing. "Thats so embarressing!" she said. "His mum call's him that, so i started to because it embarressed him," i replied with a miscevious smile on my face. "You're so cute Harold!" She said and tapped my nose with her finger. I lifted my head and caught her finger in my mouth.

"Ahh!" She screamed playfully. I pulled her body down to mine, and released her finger. She smiled and her eyes got dark. She looked in my eyes, to my lips and closed hers. She kissed me and we resumed where we left off. She tried to pull my shirt off but seemed to be having trouble. It ended up around my neck with one arm sticking out, the other still on my arm.

She laughed in between the kiss, it was adorable. "Need some help there babe?" i asked her while smiling. She nodded guiltily and blushed. I took it off and threw it across the room. She looked at me, her smile coming back. She slowly pulled her shirt off. She had no idea what she was doing to me right now. I smiled and pulled her back down, rolling over so i was on top.

I pulled my pants off quick and dropped them somewhere on the floor, she did the same. We both smiled taking in each other's appearence. She looked like she enjoyed the view, i laughed and pulled her under the covers, "Are you sure, Mads?" "... Yeah Haz," she replied knowing it was fully what she wanted. We both smiled and you probably know what happened after that... (;   

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