You never know what could happen if you just take a chance.


2. What?!

"What?!" i screamed out. "Did Harry Styles really just send me a DM about flying to London and recording a few songs?! AND THEN GOING ON TOUR WITH THEM?!!!!", i was to shocked to even notice Analisa who seemed to be having a heart attack across from me. "Yes, he did! Now are you going to reply or are you just gonna sit there and miss out on an opprotunity to meet one of the most famous boys in the world?!", she knew me so well she knew i was being completly oblivious to the message that sat in my hands. "oh! yes!" i yelled recollecting my thoughts. i quickly typed back 'we would love to! is there anyway we can have contact before then like a phone call or even in person to get the details?? xx Mads (:' i hadn't been called by my full name since i was five, and i wasnt about to make Harry Styles call me Madison, i hated that name it just didn't suit me. almost instantly my phone beeped 'Sure, Love! i'm actually in town , Clearwater, i would love to take you for coffee and talk? xx'. This is crazy, just 10 minutes ago i was making a cover video with my best friend and living my normal life and now i was making plans to go have coffee with Harry Styles to talk about going on tour with him and his bandmates. "Harry said that he would love to take me or us out for coffee later since he's in Clearwater to talk about the details... would you like to go Ana?", i asked her to make sure she wanted to go, so i didn't include her if she was feeling uneasy about going out to coffee with a british teen heartthrob, even i knew how stupid i sounded. "ummmm, you know what i'll let you and Harry have some privacy on this "date" (she put air quotations around date making it clear she didnt exactly know what is was) and i'll meet up with him another time, since i know how much you LOVE Harry". she always knew exactly what to say and it instantly made me cheer up even more, not that that was possible, i jumped up and attacked her with a huge bear hug "Oh My God thank you so much Puck!!!" i called her this becuase every thursday we sat down and watched glee together and she was just OBSSESSED with the puckerman brothers. she laughed and said "your killing me Mads!! i. cant. breath!" she managed to get out between deep breaths. i jumped off her and ran into the living room and jumped on the couch. i typed back to Harry 'Sure that would be great! Ana doesn't want to go she doesnt like coffee :/ but im totally up for it im a total coffee person i love the smell :P say about 6?'. i sent it and waited taking in all the overwhelming happiness that was filling my head right now. my life had never been so good, especially since my mom moved to colorado and i had to finish out my high school years in florida living with my dad who i had never seen much when i was growing up. it was hard adjusting to living without a mother to gossip with and talk about anything with, and instead trading that in for an awkward dad who at times never knew what to say so made a complete fool out of himself, not that i didnt love him becuase i did! He made me smile everyday with his strange/awkward sense of humor but sometime i just m. i was inturupted from my thoughts and brought back to reality from Harry's reply i took a deep breath and read the DM. 'perfect! see you then love (:', and he gave me his number to text him my address. i looked at the clock '3:47pm' i had about 2 hours before i would meet Harry Styles in person i decided to drag Analisa upstairs and have her help me pick out an outfit, she decided to style my hair and put on my makeup (light of course since i never really liked wearing loads of makeup) and it was 5 by the time we were done. 

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