You never know what could happen if you just take a chance.


9. Thoughts

Maddie's POV

We walked back into Starbucks so i could see my sceduale for the next week.  I would have to quit soon, leave everything behind when it was time to go to London, but i guess that's what you have to do when you plan on pursuing your dreams. Harry stayed next to the door while i went behind the counter. It was Saturday  so I didn't have to work until at least Tuesday. I was right, 9-4 Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. I could handle that, i mean my last three days of living in Tampa, where i grew up, could be spent with my friends coming and going to say goodbye to me while i was at work. Thinking about this made me tired, as i already was from the walk earlier i actually almost fell asleep while my head was on Harry's shoulder... My Bad. I walked back towards Harry stumbling a bit on my feet since i was so drowsy. He caught me just before i tripped, thank the lord. i don't know how embarressed i would have been if i fell on my face in front of him.

"Woah there sleepyhead," he laughed while putting his arm around my waist and walking me to the car. He opened the passenger side door for me but i didn't want to sit there and fall asleep, i wanted to drive. i know it was crazy to even think of that, it was Harry's rental, what if my drowsinees at the wheel killed us both? "I want to drive!" i instantly woke myself up and snapped out of it from the excitment of driving, i'd always loved driving. "Do you really think that's a good idea, Mads?" He asked me with hesitation of handed the keys over. "Yes! i'm a careful driver i promise! Not all women drive like maniacs," I replied trying to act mad at him so he would hand me the keys faster. "No! i didn't mean it like that! I meant," i quickly cut him off by grabbing the keys and switching place with him, my hand on the door handle. "Mhmm, whatever makes you sleep at night," I said with a bit of sass in my voice. He got in the car with a guilty look on his face, although i knew he was acting for my benefit.

"Yay!" i shoutedd as I ran to the other side and jumped in. "This seat is so, like, dang Harry do you really sit this far from the wheel?" It was far back, The side mirrors were in perfect position and so was the mirror above my head, weird. Harry laughed, "It's not my fault if somebody want's to sit right on top of the wheel," putting his hands up in the air like he was surrendering to the police. "Uh! i do not sit on top of the wheel! You just watch how i drive, Harold." I smiled and turned the keys in the ignition, and the radio turned on. Oh i love this song "Don't wake me up' by Chris Brown. I was never a fan of his personality but i loved his music. I wanted to sing loud to it, but my dad always told me it was dangerous to do when your driving, especially for me since i tended to not pay attention sometimes. I put the car in reverse, and looked back looking left and right, my hair hitting me in my face. I pressed the brake and put the car in drive. I had such an urge to sing right now, screw it! I started to sing to the song, "don't wake me up, up, up, up, up, up." Of course it was softly but still Harry could hear me.

He looked at me and gave me a dazling smile. "You have an amazing voice, Mads," He sounded like he genuinly meant it. I stopped at the red light and turned to look at him. His goofy hat was still on, he looked kind of proffesional in every picture i've seen him in, but in reality he's almost as immature as Louis. I didn't realize we were looking into each others eyes. I do that sometimes, stare at somebody while i'm in a deep thought. I looked down and blushed."GREEN LIGHT GO!" Harry yelled, laughing. "AHHHH! God Dammit!"  I yelled back at him.I turned left, and Harry put his head on my shoulder. I laughed and pulled into my apartment complex. I turned the car off, Harry was still laying on my shoulder.

I silently took my phone out and took a picture of him and i. I had a look on my face that said 'really? look at him thinking he can do this!' and my finger pointing at him. Harry had his eyes closed with a small smile on his face. I posted it on twitter, "Driving @Harry_Styles car when he just decides to take a little nap on my shoulder, really?" Harry's phone buzzed and he took it out to look at it. After about a fifteen seconds he got off my shoulder and laughed, "Trying to be sneaky, huh? I can do that to. Better sleep with one eye open," he made the 'I'm watching you' gesture and got out of the car. I followed and made sure to grab my keys. I walked up to the door and stopped, not because i wanted to but because Harry was standing in front of me when he turned around and just about ran into me. "Ooops, sorry. You ok, Love?" He asked while he tried to balance me. "Harry i'm fine," i laughed. He worried about everything.

"Ok then. I had a nice time tonight," He smiled and stared into my eyes. "I did to. I can't wait to meet the boys tomorrow. Hit it off with them like i did with you," I playfully punched his arm. He laughed, "They'll love you," He pause like he didn't know what to say, "So, I'll pick you and Ana up around ten tomorrow. Is that good for you?" Oh yeah, i forgot. What time was it now? "What time is it now?" He pulled out his phone, "10:15." Wow, time went by fast when i was with Harry. "Yea, that's perfect," I smiled at him and gave him a bear hug, for laughs, since i wanted to hear his laugh one more time tonight. "Goodnight, love. Sleep well." "Night, Harold. You to!" I opened the door and gave him a smile before i closed it. I leaned against the door and thought over the night. I still couldn't believe it. I stood up straight and walked into the  kitchen. There was a note from Ana on the table. I dropped my keys and read the note. "Hey girl, i hope, no i know, your date went well! I'm tired so i'm going to bed. It's about 9:45 right now. Nighty Night, Ana." i laughed and put it back down next to my keys. 

I walked slowly up the stair drowsiness coming upon me again. I stuck a note on Analisa's head about the beach tomorrow; went in my room and changed into p.j's. Sweatpants and a tank top. I put my hair in a high bun and jumped under the covers. I fell asleep snuggling Fluffy, our cat, and thinking about Harry and how different my life would be in just a short week because of him. I smiled and fell asleep.

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